Tuesday, June 21, 2011

While that bright orb is shining in the sky....

Yea, well if you don't hear from me too much, it is because I am 

Painting the exterior of the house.

No not in rainbow motif.... but that is an interesting concept!

Here is a joke for you:

A woman approaches a man drinking a beer at the bar. 

She propositions him: 

"For $100 bucks, I'll do anything you want"

He thinks about it for a moment, then

he jumps up, slaps $100 on the bar and says

"Paint my house!"


Meanwhile, I seem to be on a Jackson Browne kick these days so enjoy
some vintage "Werewolves in London" w Warren Zevon


Christopher said...

Nice time of the year to mount such a labor intensive project.

Post pictures of how the house came out after completed!

I love looking at houses.

D.K. Raed said...

oh thank you thank you for posting some warren zevon! he was like the hunter thompson of music to me. jeez, do guys like that exist anymore?

couple songs he recorded toward the end of his life were so poignant: "my shit's fucked up" (typically sarcastically funny zevon even in the face of death) and covering bob dylan's "knockin on heaven's door" ... probably not the kind of music you want to listen to while painting your house, though.

Fran said...

Christopher-- Not that crazy just doing the front of the house that gets direct sun & weather. It is now restored to a deep Cobalt blue.

although it is 85% done in a 9 hour paint a thon.

DK ~ Zevon is in a class of his own.
Love his lyrics & such.
Hey I just about listened to everything today to get a groove for painting... Rolling Stones, Dylan, Beatles, the Byrds, Tabla music & a whole War protest CD.

Whatever it takes!

Christopher said...

Girl, shut up!

You got it done in one day? Honey, if it were Jim and me, it would take an entire weekend.

We don't like manual labor. LOL!

enigma4ever said...

9 hours ??????
are you kidding me ?????
it took me that long to paint a teeeny weeeny back porch......and you painted a WHOLE house ????

wow...I am so impressed....
( boy would love to have that rainbow house..so so cool..)

hmmmmm cobalt blue,....you must must post photos....

Fran said...

Christopher it is 85% done. I have bad knees & don't do the ladder stuff, there are 2 rows of shingles-- left those for the 6'6" tall guy.
He might not even need a ladder, just a step stool!

I did from the ground up to just over my head.
Took the whole day.

Manual labor not my favorite either.... but the old paint was faded 5x lighter than the original in parts, so it really needed it.

This was the first sunny day we had in a long time, had to go for it.

E- I did NOT paint the whole house-- I painted the front of the house only.

Only it was badly faded, so only it is getting

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

But putting painters tape around the window & door trim & moving tarps & such is time consuming, plus had construction workers
putting in a new sliding patio door in the back while I worked on the front.

that rainbow color house is kind of cool... I could see it in San Fran in Height Ashbury.