Thursday, June 20, 2013



D.K. Raed said...

wow, I had no idea a bear could climb up that quickly. bet the guy's comment at the end might refer to an actual physical reaction!

Anonymous said...

That was a sight to behold, I've heard bears can climb trees easily, big bear arms & those massive claws make it easy. Funny how sweet the bears face & expressing was-- not growling or snarling... just kind of sniffing & checking it out. You almost want to scratch the bear behind it's ears & tell it you are such a good bear. Obviously reaching out would not be advised in that situation... but that bear was pretty cool to just say *I know you're here & I could mess with ya if I want to.* Was that a cub the bear joined up with below... maybe just being the protective Mom. Critters sense of smell is so strong, she may have smelled the human & or his food from quite a distance away.
Oh yea, the guy probably did need fresh underwear after that encounter.