Thursday, October 2, 2008


Tonight is the VP debate. Should be quite the spectacle.
How screwed up our system is, that we spend about a year and 1/2 going into the primaries when candidates are chosen we get only one debate amongst the Vice Presidential candidates. These are the people that would be next in line for the presidency, should something happen to the President. While Palin's rare interviews have been dubbed disastrous, and are a treasure chest of comedy fodder, it would be no joke to have her in the Executive branch with a running mate who would be the oldest president, who has had four bouts with skin cancer, or melanoma. Palin is a foe to the Constitution, Reproductive Choice, the Environment, and has a war monger mentality. Palin favors drilling in the Arctic Wildlife refuge, and challenges the Science of Global Warming, going as far as launching a lawsuit to stop the listing of the Polar Bear as an Endangered Species. Palin is a religious extremist, with ultra conservative stands. She has a hard time telling the truth, or the whole story, and has a "do as I say, not as I do" mentality.
Tune in & see why Palin has earned the
nickname "The Alaska Disasta"

Literally, they are not making this stuff up..... Verbatim:

The interview was "simply a disaster".

That word "disaster" keeps coming up in discussions about Palin.

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fairlane said...

I agree that Palin is a Nitwit of Epic Proportions, however, the Democrats cannot underestimate her.

The bar is set so low, as long as she doesn't drool on herself, she could "Win" the debate.

Remember, for far too many Americans, Dumbass is a virtue.

DivaJood said...

But she wears lipstick.

Fran said...

Fairlane, I think I noticed drool in one of her interviews???

Diva~ Oy!