Sunday, November 2, 2014

A day to honor the deceased. 

Please do not listen to the slick ads, about how Monsanto cares about farmers. Get informed & always, if unsure, follow the money trail.  All these out-of-state corporations support tainted seed monopolies & keeping you in the dark about what is in your food.  Join me in Voting YES on measure 92. Really should be a no brainer-- if you want to be a part of the grand experiment of GMO's, then having them labeled allows you to stock up in confidence.
* This is THE most expensive ballot measure campaign in Oregon history. 

Oregon Voters:

If you are amongst the confused about Measure 90....
"Big money, about $4.5 million at last count, is flowing into the pro-Measure 90 campaign from conservative business and industry interests, leading to speculation. Stephan Michael, state director of The Main Street Alliance of Oregon, asks, 
“Why would out-of-state billionaires spend millions supporting this campaign? Good question. Perhaps it’s because of what they can get out of a victory.”
Sara Logue of the Protect Our Vote Coalition says the measure “essentially guarantees the two best-funded candidates would reach Oregonians’ November ballot.”
Measure 90 provides voters with more choices in the primary but that is offset by fewer choices in the general election when it really counts." (Eugene Weekly)

I know... it is often hard to get inspired by the choices, as the actions blur-- but I was taught this in High School & it has been a useful philosophy-- Vote against the candidate you think will do the most harm.
I have had to *hold my nose* to vote-- voting against the worst of the choices.
 Not voting, is akin to voting for the worst candidate. 
People fought long & hard to have the right to vote, lets honor them & keep the worst of the lot out of office.