Sunday, November 15, 2009

wishing for peace & passing on the kool aid

I am an admitted Peace Monger. I dislike war, and all the suffering it brings. I loathe the war profiteers, who exploit human lives for financial gain.
I have read articles that Pres. Obama is talking about having trials for those who were responsible for the 9-11 attacks in Federal court in Manhattan. That sounds like a security nightmare. I would think somewhere in the middle of nowhere would be a better location.
Truthfully, though I wish they would go after the main man who caused so much death & destruction.
That would be G. W. Bush I'm talking about. He is guilty of crimes against humanity that are still being committed 8 years later. Beyond his time in office. For me it is not so much a revenge thing, as it is resetting our moral compass. No U.S. President should get away with murder, and violating so many domestic & international laws.
Even though I voted for Barack Obama to be president, the fact that he perpetuates Bush's wars and has failed to prosecute Bush & co, makes me less enthusiastic about his leadership.
Although Obama is no Bush, and for that I give thanks.
I voted for change, I am so far, disappointed.
SNL is starting to waiver as well....

Make that 4362 souls


Mauigirl said...

Fran, I know it will be a security nightmare in NYC but it does have poetic justice - and besides, that is where the largest portion of the crime took place. (I suppose they could've held the trial near Washington DC but that would be even chancier).

I agree-Obama hasn't made the changes I'd hoped he would have done by now. But he's always been pragmatic and consensus-building. Unfortunately that has resulted so far in us still being at war. I hope he makes the changes we elected him to make sooner rather than later...

And yes, I wish they had prosecuted Bush-Cheney. But it ain't gonna happen now, unfortunately.

Fran said...

I wish our country had enough spine to prosecute Bush & his band of thugs, but I am still holding out hope that another country will, after all they violated international laws. I'm not ready to say oh well & let them get away with all the crimes they committed.

I have heard others say holding the trials in Manhattan is an unnecessary risk, and it rips open the wounds of 9-11, holding the trials where some of the surviving victim;s families may still reside. It seems like a grandstanding stunt.