Wednesday, March 30, 2011

TEPCO ~ Winging it w employees

Can you believe this?
People working inside the nuclear power plant eating rations of crackers & water, sleeping on floors, no showers. 
The US military is present-- they can airdrop a cargo container of meals & water at minimum. 
TEPCO is abusing the "heroes" risking their lives to avert nuclear disaster. 
Get the frickin' CEO to drive a bus or van to get these workers basic needs like good sleep & 3 meals a day & daily showers taken care of- not just a bus ride to showers on scheduled days off.

All of these provisions are available in nearby Tokyo. 

Having workers running on empty puts them more at risk.
I want the crews risking their lives to avert a nuclear reactor meltdown disaster to be well cared for-good sleep in a bad, food & showers should be the minimum of what is provided. 

TEPCO sure is running roughshod. Why are they still in charge?


nonnie9999 said...

meanwhile, the head of tepco is in the hospital, probably being pampered as he hides from tv cameras.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Government is starting to take over & seeking more international help.
Tokyo is still up & running for the most part.
They should be making sure the needs of the workers in the reactors are being met.
I was appalled they were eating meager rations, sleeping on the floor w no way to shower. Those circumstances alone are mental & physical torture.
These workers are taking a huge risk of deadly exposure to be there.
There is talk now of sending in robots to get readings in areas too dangerous to send humans in.