Sunday, October 30, 2011

Then meets now...

The occupy movement is in full swing. Michael Moore recently joined Occupy Oakland, after the situation there turned violent. Catch this clip where he says we need to define "Capitalism" in 2011 terms, and how the corporate model involves less & less workers, doing more work with less benefits, no voice, top down management, with money flowing freely only in the top tier of the corporate world. 
The workers are making less, and trying to save for retirement with 401k accounts & Wall Street makes that money disappear like drunken gamblers, while making secure their huge bonus money, and having no qualms about foreclosing on homes they will simply demolish rather than take a lower profit. 
We have tons of empty homes, and even more homeless people. We have excellent medical facilities, Doctors & hospitals, but limited access- even those w coverage, can find themselves in medical bankruptcy. We have huge agribiz production, and people starving right here in America. 
Voting for candidate A or B does not seem to stop the flushing of more than a trillion bucks down the toilet of wars. While Obama waxed poetic about this being our "Sputnik moment", schools are closing & teachers are unemployed. He makes a great speech- but reality is not aligned. No other joker throwing their hat in the ring offers any promise of change for the better either. 

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