Sunday, September 30, 2012

You tell me....

If you would be 55 years old next year, can you discern what that would mean under Romney's redo of medicare?

"For people 55 years of age & older there is no change. "
"For people 55 and younger- thats a group that we would give more options than exist currently.
GOP speak for "you're screwed".

Well, not to be taken too seriously-- so let's go to some humor--
Mitt Romney the Musical

In closing, Mitt is a real outgoing outsourcing kind of guy


Christopher said...

Barring an early death or winning the lottery, I'll have a work horizon of about 36 more years.

I will have contributed to Social Security 46 years and I expect to take full advantage of monies I've contributed.

But I'm one of those lazy, hapless, 47% types Romney has contempt for.

Fran said...

Wonder if Mitt & Ann collect SSI... for pocket change or dressage horse outfit accessory money?

I paid into SSI every paycheck since I was a 16 year old kid. As Alan Grayson said:
They call them entitlements because you are entitled to them!