Sunday, July 7, 2013

Notes from a field afar...

As you can see, I have been posting less & less. Lots going on & the Blogging format of social networking is kind of fading out. I did finally succumb to the Facebook format, which has it's pros & cons. I do have a newish job, as of November, and there have been some changes that are even more demanding (is that possible??).  So I am trying to find the balance. That's my excuse & I am sticking with it!
I have also discovered Oregon has a whole slew of Lavender farms & has a Lavender festival, where farms that grow Lavender, that might not otherwise be open to the public, are open for this Festival all up & down the Willamette Valley from Portland to Springfield.
I have discovered Lavender Essential oil, the pure distilled "liquid gold" & its Aromatherapy attributes.
Mmmm that stuff smells good. Also discovered the bees love it... so when I stepped out into a field to snap a picture.... each plant had a bunch of honeybees, x hundreds of plants, you could actually hear a collective hummmmm of all the bees. Never experienced such a thing before.  With all the news about bees suffering from pesticides & GMO crops, it was even nicer to find a "bee friendly" farming operation.

Too bad blogger does not offer a scratch & sniff (click & sniff?) feature, or I'd give you a whiff of the wonderful essential oil.

Keep the peace! Keep on keeping on.

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