Friday, September 26, 2008

For What it's Worth

For What It's Worth ~ According to John McCain we are winning the war in Iraq.

The Debate.
It's not like I watch to help me decide.
I decided long ago the republican regime is an awful bunch who have some evil empirical mindset that allows them to break laws, violate the constitution, ignore the Geneva conventions, and have special prisons in far & remote corners of the world in order to break laws, trash the planet, exploit the resources, and violate human rights.
It's been torture.

It's no joke, and they top off the quagmire of war with a total financial breakdown.

Yes, this has been hell, and there really is nothing to debate. In fact it is laughable that this country is struggling to decide on how to vote. I honestly can't name ONE good thing this administration has done, but I can name a long list of things done wrong or illegally. At some point an activist friend talked with me about *fuck-up fatigue*- that so many atrocities were happening at such a fast pace, you could barely process one, before the next thing came along.

While the president stands before us saying we must work together, he says nothing of how his administration let this happen.
Who's driving this bus anyway. If the economy is to fail it should happen while he is still in office, and before the election,
this did not just happen, it happened because those who are supposed to be in charge are too busy with indictments, and war funding, and more of the same with lies.

Bush's speech about the economy is a rerun of the "mushroom cloud" speech he gave to get us into the Iraq illegal occupation.
Why should I believe anything this guy says?
Notice it is always urgent, and too complex to explain?

Bush should have long ago been Impeached. I am still in favor of bringing him up for impeachment just to keep him out of further trouble till 1-20-2009-- his last day in office.

Of course McCain lost the debate. He's telling us we are winning in Iraq, and it's wrong to talk to people and practice diplomacy. While he smirked and laughed during a damned serious list of problems, he lied saying how he cares for Veterans, while having voted no for the funding for benefits. He would have us build Nuclear power plants & we could just kill ourselves with toxic waste from that.

Argh! What's to argue here?


DivaJood said...

McCain is out of touch with reality. We MUST win in Iraq? We dishonored our soldiers by losing in Viet Nam? WTF? That Buffalo Springfield song is as pertinent today as it was 40 years ago.

Fran said...

No Diva-- Johnny sez we ARE winning.... and we just keep on winning.

$555 billion worth of winning. & counting.

D.K. Raed said...

We may have fuck-up fatigue, but we don't need to put the grizzled wizard of fuck-ups and his fundie gal-pal into the WH. I know it's hard to imagine, but those 2 could be worse than Bush-Cheney, especially considering the pkg of executive powers being handed to the next prez & a couple supreme court nominations during the next 4 yrs.