Saturday, September 13, 2008

Takin' the time

To smell the Roses, Amaranth & enjoy the local Rose Gardens
Celebrating my birthday~ 1/2 Century !!!!!


DivaJood said...

Happy birthday! The big 50 - it's the new 30, you know.

Border Explorer said...

Happy Birthday! Keep on blogging! We can and will all delight in the beautiful & colorful birthday post you created here. Happy day!

Fran said...

Diva~ You made my day.

BE~ The time has zipped along. It has been wonderful day. They have a local annual town celebration, which involves a parade, that happened to fall on my bd, so I like to think they threw a parade for me! More of a raucus Mardi Gras kind of event.

I have been pampered, spoiled & overindulged. WOW!


Thanks to Allie at Watergate Summer providing the link (and asking us to visit and say happy birthday), I'm doing so.

My daughter turned 48 on September 12, so you and she almost 'share the day and the age'.....

I remember turning 50 the same day my grandson had his first birthday (one of my 12 grand-kids).

Yes, it is the 'new 30', and I was so able (and still am) to enjoy all my grand-kids with the same energy I enjoyed my children.

We are fortunate to have access to proper food; shelter, and good fortune (for the most part) in this wonderful country.

More recently with all that's transpired since GWB became president, I've worried that our grand-kids aren't going to get the same chances and joys I had.

We'll all have to fight hard to get the right person into the white house, and it sure as the dickens can't be McCain or we'll truly slip into near disaster if we have another 4 years of this.

When I was your age, I was as active in politics as I'd been at the young age of 19 - ever watching and getting involved.

I'm still involved, and now that I'm heading to 70 years old, I hope I can stay active enough to do my small part by helping redirect the thinking of those who are complacent and not paying attention to what is so necessary to get our wonderful America back on track.

Anyway, so happy you've had such a wonderful day and many many more years of joy to you! Diane

D.K. Raed said...

Happy Birthday, Fran! Woooo-hoooo, you go, girl. And you are just getting started. 1/2 century -- pshaw! The second 1/2 counts twice as much as the first! And nice to know you are a Virgo, too. Mine is coming up this week. We Virgos rule the cosmos, crack the whip, keep things running smoothly, and complain like hell when things are out of balance ... right?

Fran said...

Dear Happy~ Thanks for your good thoughts. Glad to hear you are still taking names & kicking it heading into your 70's. So do you take those 12 Grandkids to peace vigils?

DK ~ You recapped the essence of Virgo!
I'll add down -to-earth, and no nonsense.
We like to keep things real.