Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pulling Out for Palin

You have to admit, the ridiculous factor in this election is over the top. The pro abstinence Vice Presidential candidate who eloped when pregnant, steps into the National arena as a wildcard, not vetted, VP pick, and before she could begin to comment on her political platform/beliefs, announced her unwed daughter was pregnant. We should step back and allow her privacy, while Palin would legislate anti-abortion laws that would make such private decisions for the rest of the country. Not exactly a smooth intro, but it just keeps going--

What exactly does a Vice President DO?

The obvious answer to this question, is to accept the candidacy, and proceed to tell half truths in front of 40 million witness/viewers. All the press could do was lavish praise of what a spunky little gal this is and how she's energized the party. Before she was on the ticket, McCain was struggling to get a crowd at all for his speeches... now he can get 10,000, although not the 84,000 Obama had attending his acceptance speech.

The RNC had a whole lot of empty seats. I can't help but think lots of Republicans thought his choice was bad- McCain himself announcing the VP choice would be terribly important because of his age and health- picks a vastly inexperienced candidate with no Foreign relations experience whatsoever.
This dynamic dundering duo has duped the public into their sideshow of snappy lines that are shallow on substance. We hear slams, rhetoric, and McCain inviting us to *Fight with Him*.... is he really referring to that 100 year war he was talking about, and if we choose to NOT fight with him , will he impose a military draft? So while we know the names of Palin's kids, one heading off to Iraq, one heading off to a shotgun wedding, leaving the rest of the kids to care for the special needs baby, McCain & Palin head off on their campaign tour, repeating the snappy lines that only tell half the story.
Palin said "Thanks but no Thanks to the Bridge to Nowhere Money"-- but kept the money & used it for other things.
While Gramps McCain waves his fist saying he will stop pork barrel spenders in their tracks, Palin got the most pork barrel monies of all the States in the US.... a per capita bonanza for Alaska. So Palin's only political experience is in direct conflict with McCain's no pork barrel spending mandate.

While Palin prattled on about her family & Hockey Mom/PTA resume- all that time wasted as we are left not knowing where they Stand on Torture, Gitmo, the Iraq War, the Economy, the Mortgage Crisis, and the $9.5 trillion dollar national debt.

I fear that I know the answers to those questions.
We should all pull out for Palin.


DivaJood said...

Lovely. She's an idiot.

Dusty said...

Great graphic of McSame Fran!!! Love the gut and the huge pile o' money behind him. ;p

Christopher said...


The Old Coot has a gut!

The Cunning Runt said...

Oh, we know where they stand on Torture, Gitmo, the Iraq War, the Economy, the Mortgage Crisis, and our $9.5 trillion dollar national debt.

They stand with the Status Quo.

Americans have had enough of Today, This Year. The LIE that the McCain/Palin ticket represent change must be debunked.

Fran said...

Cunning: Crisis? What crisis? Lies? half truths & myths. Distortions. Illusions.

Debunked-- Sounds like a good title for the McCain/Palin story.