Wednesday, September 24, 2008

President Obama's Speech

OOOh! Not only does Obama reiterate the economic plan he's been saying all along. Furthermore Obama opened it up for questions from the press. He is not unclear or evasive.
Downright Presidential


LET'S TALK said...

You right, I saw both McCain and Obama. Obama was not unclear or evasive, whereas McCain was down right confusing.

Christopher said...


I had MSNBC on this morning and their panel was cheek-by-jowl with conservative Obama haters.

Joe "Pig Eyes" Scarborough, Peggy "I'm a MILF" Noonan, and this LCR guy whose name I forgot.

Anyway, they were so smug and so dismissive of Obama and said he was a lousy debater and fails to connect -- blah, blah, blah.

It's so interesting to me how rightwing the media can be. Even MSNBC. MSNBC doesn't improve until Keith and Rachel are on. The rest of the time, they're as horrible as CNN or FIXED Noise.

Fran said...

Good to see ya Let's Talk- It's been a while.... hope all is well.

The Obama speech is amazing- he ticked off a solid list of what he thinks needs to be done AND took questions from the press, in an open format.

A kind of *Let's do this* moving forward, in control kind of way.

McCain gave a nervous, scripted 1;50- Yes, one minute , fifty seconds speech & walked away from the podium.
Obama took 16:51 minutes to state his position,& take questions---
that is more info & communication than Bush AND McCain combined!

McCain only offered some panicked must stop everything to handle this crisis without giving us any clue of where he stands, other than he can't handle a debate and this crisis at the same time.

Obama was quick to point out that Presidents need to be able to multitask & the debate needs to go on.

Christopher~ I agree the things I was reading last night said McCains speech "caught Obama off guard".... Obama was right there, with a list of what he sees as needed to turn the economic problen around in detail.
No mystery
No panic
No need to stop everything else
And he gave this great speech WITH open questions.

Notice Buch & McCain are one way talkers.
Frankly, I still don;t quite understand what Bbush said in his 14 minute blather.

It's all about the mortgage bubble, bad decisions, and the need to work together to fix it.

Done is a closed area, no questions taken, no questioning press allowed.

He did NOT address if there was illegal dealings, fraud,or the FBI investigation.

We must act quickly to keep the sky from falling.

Of all three- Obama was most presidential.

From here on in I am calling President Obama, because someone had inadvertantly said that to me, and I liked the sound of it.

And-- speaking of presentations- Couric showed Palin what pitbulls the press can be, by asking her the same question 3 times.

The evasive way the republicans have been handling things will see the light of day.
The more they evade, the more the press is inclined to get right to the tough questions~ as if to say
• Don't bullshit us* !!!

Christopher said...

I was surprised by Couric's tenaciousness.

In fact, I'll go you one further and say, I think Katie Couric is more prepared to be VP than McCandy.

DivaJood said...

McCain is confused. His running mate is clueless. And they could, in fact, be in office.

On the other hand, when George Will, the Conservative's conservative, says that McCain is unqualified to be President.

Fran said...

Christopher-- You make a good point. Couric would have been a better running mate.

Diva~ You can tell when Palin spouts off a scripted answer using *pragmatic, & maverick* over & over... while never answering the question. The few interviews se has been allowed to do, they have not taken the BS answers-- they say let me ask it a 3rd time, because you've said a lot of words, but you have Not answered the question.

Good! Cutsie/ novelty won't cut it in hard times & that is what the next presidential team is facing.