Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vagina Monologues

Tonight is the Palin speech. It seems to have turned into a Vagina Monologues presentation- who was pregnant when (was Palin pregnant back when she eloped?), is the 4 month old baby HERS or her now pregnant daughters?
It's all so much fodder. The shot gun wedding, soon-to-be son-in-law is flying in for the circus.
I don't so mch care about who slept with whom when, although it is amusing to watch the super conservative republicans conduct straight faced interviews on the topic, some clearly not happy or comfortable having to field these questions.

In an earlier post I composed a long list of purely political issues of Palin that I don't like.

Screw the soap opera... what about Polar Bears, Arctic Wildlife refuge protection & several multi million dollar Whoops items she screwed up on. I heard one repub respond about concerns regarding the lack of foreign experience, that understanding Foreign affairs "will come with time". Please!!!

Pay no attention to the fact the abstinence program is yet another failed Bush policy... teen pregnancy rates up for the first time in 14 years. I don't so much care she is pregnant ~ but the irony of it all.

We've already made it through the synchronized pandering segment. Joe Lieberman called himself a democrat while standing at the podium of the republican national convention, urging us to vote for Johnny.

While grandmothers get handcuffed by riot police.

So tonight should be a whole lot of tap dancing & razzle dazzle.


Christopher said...

This is an excellent post!

BTW, I added you to my blogroll.



Spadoman said...

I agree, throw out the crap about the kid being pregnant and there is still enough to nail her as incompetent.

The white haired woman in the bottom photograph is Betty McKenzie, a good friend of Barb and mine. She is courageous. Arrested Sunday as she crawled under a retaining fence and crossed the forbidden line, then stood there and was taken into custody.

Outrageous to see my friends in a picture on your blog.

As a personal note, Fran, the stress is wounding my glucose levels.

Peace to All

Fran said...

Thanks Christopher.

Joe:That IS pretty wild that I am posting a pic of your friend. This photo struck me as being so strange- a grey haired elderly Woman being handcuffed in a two to 1 ratio of riot police. Keeping those Grandmothers in line!
I hope they did not rough her up.

I can understand how the stress of what is going on could/would effect your health.

The sometimes brutal suppression of free speech, & free press on top of all the illegal doings of the Bush admin must be coming to a crrscendo right before your eyes.
The good news is some of the protests are making it on to National, mainstream media.
Much better covered by indy media.

Also good news is the party itself is in tatters.
They seem to mostly be doing damage control
and it can't be good that they are having to try to explain such a crappy choice of obvious inexperience frought with all kinds of questionable history- as well as family issues.

It leaves me asking-
Is this the best they've got?
As well as just really thinking this is all for show. McCain picked a funky #2 because he wants out. They are just going through the motions.

Before this convention ever started, there was a long list of reasons to bail out of the republican platform.
They have just added a whole lot more negatives to the list.

I'm not a big fan of polls, but Obama is up in the polls, so all this nonsense is helping Obama.


Great rant, Fran.

Anyway, Democrats don't have to do anything to discredit McCain's VP pick. Republican Party biggies themselves are doing it for them when they called McCain's choice "political bullshit!"

Fran said...

Hill blogger- Wow! I had to wonder if those empty seats were people who just thought, no point in getting any closer to the trainwreck.

Anonymous said...

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