Thursday, September 4, 2008

The POW & Barracuda show comes to an end

Happily, the RNC convention came to a close today. For the most part it was damage control. First Mother Nature had her say & threw a hurricane on opening day. No one is going to forget the awful images and memories of the Katrina catastrophic disaster enhanced by the Bush administration incompetence.
Cindy McCain & Laura Bush actually stood in front of the mostly empty convention hall, and said " it's time to take off our Republican hats, and put on our American hats" and help hurricane victims. How's that for a snapshot of a mindset? They must have been wearing their Republican hats during Katrina.
Palin was all over the map. Was she the holier-than-thou respect my daughter's privacy persona. Sister Palin would have us bow to her pro-life choices and ask, no demand we respect their privacy, while she & the republican would destroy our ability to make our own personal choices. Palin opposes abortion, even in the case of rape.

Then we saw pit bull Palin. The gun in each hand, Annie Oakley persona. She's a rootin' tootin fighter. But don't cross her or she will fire you. She had the gall to insult Biden's 35 year service in the Senate, claiming she had more experience. Palin was 9 years old when Biden became a U.S. Senator.
Palin showed us some bitchy snark, and in her attempt to put down Obama, just happened to distort the facts, and lots of them. I hope the media does their homework, to let the public & Palin know, she is playing loose with the facts, and call her on it.

I want to add that it is not a double standard to question the wisdom or practicality of having parents of an infant, a 4 month old special needs infant , in the mix of the Executive branch of Government. It is not a double standard for females, it is practical question and an observation- I've never seen an infant in ANY executive branch family male or female, because it is both parents choice and responsibility to care for their infant. It's not fair to the infant, or either parent that such a demanding job would come first over the care of an infant. Palin's political power hunger trumps the needs of her infant. I'm sick of reading articles saying no one ever questions male politicians parenting skills or obligations. To that, I reply no male politician has sought an Executive Branch position with in infant in tow. Like vinegar & oil, the two don't mix. Parents with infants have stayed away from the job for good reason. Let's not leave common sense at the door, trying to make this a gender issue.

The republican party is 93% white. There is not much diversity there. This convention spent waaay too much time retelling the Prisoner of War story of McCain. I have no doubt McCain went through hell. It is an amazing story, and he did an honorable thing, I respect and admire his story. That being said, it really has nothing to do with the problems we face in the here & now, problems HE was a part of creating. The problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them. ( Ok I am quoting one of my bumper stickers now)... but it's true. McCain IS a part of the problem. He's votes with Bush policies 90% of the time. Why would anyone think we would see any different policies or much change at all, with McCain at the helm?

The republicans want to carry on the same agenda. They want to bow to big oil and allow the rape & pillage of our land. Alternative energy to them means Nuclear power plants, nuclear waste dumps, offshore oil drilling, and coal mining. McCain & Palin will support Exxon, Mobile, Chevron & Shell, and the rest of us can go to hell.
McCain said he hates war & wants peace, but that was after he said a 100 year war was fine by him. I'm sure his speech writers & handlers advised him to try to soften his original remark. More damage control ~ their reputation is at an all time low- and they have earned it. Remember George Bush promised to restore integrity to the White House in his presidential campaign. Safe to say his mission failed, miserably.

There was a whole lot of glitz and shallow, sanctimonious rhetoric. What crowd there was, chanted U•S•A, and at some point, people were yelling "Drill baby Drill". The republicans are big on enemies, terror, and fear.
The party is so tattered, they decided to keep Bush out- no personal appearance from the sitting president. They beamed him in via sattelite, for a video appearance. He was allegedly immersed in overseeing relief efforts for the hurricane. Truth is he is just a liability.
There was nothing the republican party could have said or done to get my vote.
In summary, their version of "leadership" has been torture.



"Sen John McCain has always been a prisoner of war... He still is".

Fran said...

There was so much stalling & distraction, allowing them to avoid actually talking about the nasty agenda they would really bring to the table.

But we do know now the difference between a Hockey Mom & a pitbull..... Lipstick

How is that going to save the tanking economy, fix the mortgage crisis, create jobs, or bring about world peace?

McCain's going on & on & on about his POW experience made me think-- 26 years in Congress & the Vietnam POW stint.... jeez! You should RETIRE.

You've done enough & served your country. Go enjoy your 11 houses & fat gvmnt pension.

Border Explorer said...

Fran, just want to mention here that YOU are my HERO. Your blogging impresses me constantly. Take this post: your writing has me swooning under the table and then you pull out the concluding illustrations to finish me off.

I learn so much from you, and I really enjoy the process. Thanks.

Fran said...

Thank you for such a nice compliment. You encourage me to keep on writing, which I love to do. We live in such interesting times.... wait that's an old ancient curse~
May you live in interesting times


enigma4ever said...

oh my great post...I have been so busy researching the Bitch that I have not been about at all- my apologies- and you have been doing such a good job on her too....good..