Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Talkin' bout a Revolution

Tracy Chapman

Sweet music with a sweet message, just seems to fit in with what is going on.


LET'S TALK said...
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LET'S TALK said...

Sorry about the delete, I am still catching back and blogging as well.

I never heard that before, I was looking for fast car.

Revolution seems to be where America is headed currently.

Fran said...

As this debacle spirals into whatever it does, we have to remember it is the people who have already been struggling under the Bush-o-nomics, where ultra wealthy are pampered & everyone else can go to hell are the ones that will suffer the most.
I don;t worry that the wealthy Wall Street high finance people will suffer. Maybe they will have to sell their summer home in the Hamptons, or get rid of a few cars, or make due without tens of thousands of bonus money. Or maybe ironically, they can;t afford their mansions, and will have to try to sell them, and move into more affordable housing.
They are already in the upper echelon, their "sacrifices" will likely allow them to keep afloat.
But the people on the other end of the spectrum, those suffering because of lack of jobs & healthcare, that are barely hanging in there, struggling to make ends meet..... those folks are feeling the need to have their voices heard & their basic needs met.
Poor people going to rise up & take what's theirs.
It is our time to turn things around

LET'S TALK said...

That was outstanding Fran, If you have the time take a look at these two sites and see where the money is going without a lot of Americans knowledge.

Bloomberg and alternet.

This is where the money and the wealth move and the average America, I am afraid to say are here to make sacrificers for the rich...how many rich men sons and daughters have went to war for this country?

LET'S TALK said...
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Anonymous said...

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