Monday, September 1, 2008

Serving a cause greater than self interest

Serving a cause greater than self interest ~ The noble thought graces the headline page of the RNC website for opening day.

To be honest the headline could read:

Backstepping and trying to do damage control of past neglect and ineptitude.

Indeed, it would look bad, REALLY bad to have windbags blathering on at the RNC podium, while the Gulf Coast is battered by a catastrophic hurricane Gustov.

W himself has cleared his schedule so he can monitor the situation in Texas.... and frankly, he is nothing but a party liability. The hurricaine's timing & location are conjuring up memories of bodies floating, and gross negligence, of the murky waters that drowned New Orleans & Mississippi, in the Katrina Hurricaine.

While I'm sure there will be strong efforts to have vastly improved photo ops of Republicans at the ready to help Hurricane victims, the truth of the matter is the Lower 9th District of New Orleans remains an abandoned shambles, 3 YEARS after the storm hit. The Industrial Canal in that zone is on the brink of breeching & flooding again, today.
I think it is safe to say, I doubt we will be seeing the helpful republicans posing for pictures in front of those ruins.

The rest of the RNC week promises to be a theater of the absurd ~ learning just how much more havoc and catastrophic results can be brought in our lives when you have inexperienced and unqualified people running things. From the top- President Bush himself, to the reminiscent unqualified Brownie, in charge of FEMA at the time of hurricane Katrina's peak of crisis, we have witnessed what it's like to have clueless "leaders", who do more harm than good.

We won't be hearing about death tolls, National Debt. poverty, or just how much the Iraq occupation is NOT an accomplished mission, by any means. We will see hurricane photo ops, promises of jobs drilling oil & building "safe" nuclear power plants- maybe even in known hurricane zones & on earthquake fault lines.

I can almost smell the apple pie baking in the oven, when we hear the virtues of a Mom with PTA & Mayor of Podunk experience being fully qualified to step up to the #2 position in our country. Who knows- maybe Palin will even wear her beauty Queen bikini & Rhinestone Tierra to the Convention as an added resume reminder item?

This week will be an interesting excercise in putting spin on the worst regime in American History.


Christopher said...

FOFLAMO! This is perfectly brilliant!

Well done, Fran!

Fran said...

Just visited your blog & read about babygate. Ugh!
We live in crazy times my friend.... we could not make this stuff up. It's really not so much a convention as it is a circus. Good Gawd!

DivaJood said...

During World War II both parties held full conventions - nobody would dream of making political hay out of a disaster. But today? No, the Republicans use hurricane season as a means to show 'concern' - something they are unaccustomed to doing.


Fran said...

Hi Diva~ The Repubs were not so much worried about the disaster of the hurricane itself,- but the REMINDER of how disasterous they were in handling Katrina. They were in full force with covering their asses & doing damage control of their own reputations.

Like I said their concern seemd to evaporate when it came to cleaning up the lower 9th ward.... so it would be safe to assume no focus would drawn there. (The extended failure zone of Katrina). As it stands, some of those same levees are still bursting at the seams & still in danger of potential failure.