Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ball of Confusion

As this year winds down, we will be hearing *Year in Review* recaps of the highlights (or is that low lights?) of what transpired in 2007. I'll make mine short by throwing a photo montage done to the song *Ball of Confusion*, by the Temptations. 2007 was a rough year for me, personally, my Mom had a stroke, a close relative passed on, our dog had to be put down, and a few hospital forays for me, one very serious. So in retrospect, I am happy to kiss this year goodbye.... and welcome 2008. Each new year holds new hope, and I hope for you the very best health & to be centered & on a good path, whatever that may be. I plan on working on making things less confused in 2008!


D.K. Raed said...

I really enjoyed that vid. We certainly do live on a Ball of Confusion. I couldn't tell what the crowd was chanting to Rahm Emmanuel in that one scene, but I hope it was something like stop the war or impeach now.

I appreciate your blog and all the topics you've covered. You have real insight, Fran. What you've gone through personally this year is testimony to how strong you are. You're still standing, and can even still summon humor! What a wonderful spirit.

I also welcome 2008. It will be a make or break year for america. It's the break part that breaks my heart, so I'll take the make (ok that was silly, but what do you expect on NYE).

Happy New Year to you & yours!

Unknown said...

Hey, I know I can use some goodness in 08 although there is still a lot hanging over my loved ones right now which also affects moi.

Take care Fran and know that your voice is a strong voice in the sea of madness here..and I find it a great diversion from all the bad things that life slings. Onward and upward!

enigma4ever said...

Hi Dusty and Dk..I have been running into them tonight;-)

Anyways...I hope and pray that things are less confusing this year and the Path to Change is Clear...but I know Time will Tell....but the past 7 years of Hell must come to a close....the sooner the better...

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for our cyber friendship. May we have the strength to make 2008 positive & change for the better. We are soooo ready!