Sunday, November 22, 2009

Road Rage

This is an open letter to the aggressive driver I encountered on the freeway yesterday.
I am a seasoned driver, who learned to drive in a big city where defensive driving is key.
So when the asshole in the Ford pick up truck was barreling down the road behind me, I felt some angst. I had slowed down my speed because I was behind a vehicle towing a trailer, and I actually once drove behind a vehicle w a horse trailer that came unhitched! The fricking horse trailer came careening backwards after it broke loose, I've never forgotten this can happen when someone is towing something.
Back the hell off!
Besides that we were heading into a freeway traffic jam & we'd have to slow down anyway.
I notice Mr. Type A freaking out.... now giving me hand signals... Flashing all 5 fingers twice... telling me to go 55 mph. I am seeing the break lights ahead & know speeding up right now is the wrong thing to do.... so I gave him a hand signal of my own.
Yes, it was the one finger salute. He later passed me, on the right, but the other traffic in the right hand lane was not going faster, so he ate my fumes.
We both took the same exit. I pulled up next to him....we both rolled down our windows...
he said "You need to get a grip on YOUR anger"--- then electronically rolled up his window- not allowing me a chance to say what I had to say.
So here it is, jerkwad--

I just spent the morning taking my husband to the Doctor because he has whiplash from the 3 car wreck that happened on this same freeway, last night, in the same lane we were in, because some asshole drivers were driving too close & not paying attention to traffic slowing down.

So yes, Fuck You sir, for driving like an idiot- both too close, and trying to go too fast into a traffic jam. Maybe if you were not so busy tailgating my vehicle & having your tantrum, and your hand signal drama, you might have noticed what was happening just ahead in traffic.

By the way-- I did handle my anger. I wanted to hit the brakes & see if you were paying attention, but was not in the mood for 2 car wrecks in a 24 hour period.

There. Now I feel better.


Dada said...

Fran: I've had a couple of encounters with road warriors (ragers) and can attest they can be infuriating (usually first) then terrorizing when you realize you have become the entire focus of their attention.

My worst was when one, not seeing our car was in the very lane, the very spot he was attempting to move into and occupy causing me to lay on the horn to avoid collision resulted in a response from his passenger side occupant rolling down his window and pointing a gun (real or toy?) directly at us.

This was years ago. Of course, despite feeling my right to be where I was because I was *there* and he was blind to our presence, I nonetheless, immediately yielded the right-of-way by backing off the gas, gently applying my brake and yielding to him.

Glad yours ended w/o anyone getting hurt. Scary though!

Fran said...

Oooh-- I can see where you did not want to find out if it was a toy or real gun (in Texas??).
Thing about my rager, was HE was the one being aggressive-- I was just fine, following the rules of the road (adjust accordingly), and following the golden rule of driving- You can not go faster than the vehicle directly in front of you.

The fact that my husband was in a 3 car wreck on that same stretch of road, just the day before did not help.
I realize I could have just ignored him, but because he was so hyped up in his jacked up pick up truck, I acknowledged his "communication" (meltdown?), with a negative hand signal.

That stretch of the freeway has become brutal & it is the main way we have to use to cross the river to get home from work.

Maybe I need one of those scrolling reader boards for my back window......

Yosemite Sam saying BACK OFF.....

Or a message that reads:
Review your Driver's Manuel for proper freeway distance between cars.....
Have a nice - accident free - day!

Dada said...

Fran: You're funny -- "golden rule of driving" -- loved it. Re Mr. Rambling's accident, hopefully he's ok. And don't sign off on your neck too early. (It was NOT in your new A/C I assume! er, pray!!)

Fran said...

No, Thankfully it is NOT the new '09 vehicle, WHEW!
It is the '98 Toyota.

Word from the shop is the value of the repair exceeds the value of the vehicle.
We basically need a whole new rear end of the vehicle bumper & trunk.

Looks like a "nused" car may be in our future.
(New Used car= nused).

Fran said...

Oh & Yes-- the very first question was if the husband & all involved were OK.
He did get a bit thrashed & has an official diagnosis of whiplash..... stiff sore neck & I realize those can be tricky & flare up later....
we've been doing ice & heat packs & following Doctors orders.

Nobody left in an ambulance, but the other 2 cars were towed as they had extensive (and probably expensive), front end damage.

So there you have it.....
Nobody is signing off on anything.