Friday, November 27, 2009

Swine Flu takes a holiday?

I guess in the midst of a pandemic, the hard working folks @ the CDC took a holiday & skipped a statistics update this week. Updating a simple/vague spreadsheet is too much to ask. After all, the CDC said over 4000 U.S. Citizens have died this year of swine flu, but it is not reflected on their statistics page.
Lighten up kids, it's only a pandemic!

Well, if the U.S. Center for Disease Control can't produce a nationwide update, we can look to the BBC to shed some light on the topic.

Jump in number of global swine flu deaths

The global number of swine flu deaths has jumped by more than 1,000 in a week, latest figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) show.
At least 7,826 people are now known to have died following infection with the H1N1 virus since it first emerged in Mexico in April.
Europe saw an 85% increase in the week, with the total number of deaths rising from at least 350 to at least 650.

Might I point out, the Health Secretary Sebelius has no medical background...

A former president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Ms. Sebelius is an expert on insurance regulation.

I think the CDC is doing a lousy job of reporting- tweaking & changing reporting formats without explanation. The government is doing an even worse job just getting the vaccinations to the front line people in the medical profession, instead giving them to Wall Street. It was reported, but nothing was done about it.

Will the H1N1 Flu pandemic be Obama's Katrina? I fear this may be the calm before the storm.


Fran said...

Hat tip to Christopher @ From the Left

for the BBC news update.

Christopher said...

Sebelius is a moron.

I understand Obama needed to reward her for helping deliver Kansas but as you say, she has no qualifications for the job.

In America, we don't have news, or at least, bad news, during holidays or on the weekend. Look at the patently pathetic CNN: the spent two days showing a loop of Larry King interviewing Mariah Carrey! It took some celebrity news -- Tiger Woods' car crash for them to shut off the Larry King repeats.

BTW, I got my H1N1 swine flu shot on 11/19/2009. I queued in a line of 1,500 people behind city hall in the cold, and wind and rain. It was all very USSR, circa' 1971. Obama really needs to be glued to his chair in the Oval Office for the next 12 months and begin dealing with some of these messes happening on his watch.

Don't even get me started on Tim Geithner and Larry Sumners and the jobless recovery. That's another rant.

Fran said...

Ha- Old coot Larry King & Mariah Carey in a tape loop. Gag me!
But the news is about **shopping**.

So glad you finally got the H1N1 shot-- albeit out in weather that could make you sick.
Jeez! Some genius might think about using a school gym or basketball stadium, convention center, or any large INDOOR venue where they could distribute shots, here in the 21st Century.
What's with the pioneer days format???

Flu season has not yet officially started.
Now the focus is on war.
I'm holding off on posting about it until the official word is announced.

So many rants!

Lockwood said...

H1N1 has hit OSU pretty hard. I just got a reply from a middle of the road politiblogger re the "Pandemic" "frenzy" and "overreaction." The flu had been diagnosed in about 2000 students- 10% of Oregon State's population, and I've talked to a number of students who had suffered symptoms, but not sought medical advice. The one kid who did (I don't know him real well, but he's a regular at my coffee shop) has now spent 10 weeks in the hospital, 6 of that in a medically induced coma. When "fully recovered," he's expected to have less than 50% lung function and a badly weakened heart.

My point in the comment was that this bug really seems to knock people down hard, and do serious damage, even if its mortality rate is not high. My friend is expected to live, but he will forever more be weakened and vulnerable. It is a pandemic, it's nasty, and it was not in the least wasteful to try to prepare for it.

The response was about the frenzy (media's fault), low mortality compared to seasonal flu (unknowable last spring, and, really, unknowable until the thing's run its course), people freaking out (again, media+public ignorance), and wasteful spending.

I won't be trying to argue the point any further.

Just found your blog via a comment at Darkblack's. I'll be back.

Fran said...

Welcome Lockwood~ I saw your funny response on Blue Girl's blog re Tom Delay on mars.
Not only was it a funny response, but it also rhymed (you get extra points?).
Anyway, nice to meet another Oregonian online.
I live in Duck country & understand there will be some get together next week... no pressure there- Civil War game for the Rose bowl!

Anyway, back on topic-- the H1N1 flu has not yet hit the U of O, in any large numbers like you describe @ OSU. They have over 22,000 students this year, so I suspect it is just a matter of time. (My kiddo is one of those students- he got vaccinated w the nasal version).
I am glad those who have had this first go around of Swine flu have been out-of-commission sick for about a week, but for some much more serious.
The case you described sounds like this previously healthy person had a near fatal result, with a lifelong health impairment.

As much as the media has talked about pandemic.... Thanksgiving week, they say the disease seems to have peaked- just before we hit official flu season & high holiday travel times. You'd think they would be telling people to keep up the heightened hygiene.
They went from hype to dropping the ball in short order.

For the record 4000 US deaths is not a low mortality rate in my book.

Looking forward to more online banter!

Fran said...

P.S. Lockwood~ How does one get to be an elite member of being able to comment on your blog?

Lockwood said...

Does it require you to be registered or something? I've been getting a lot of spam comments the last week or so, and just implemented moderation on Friday. I can't see what barriers my reader face, since my blog "recognizes" me. Maybe I can sign out and try to adjust my moderation a bit better... the reason I avoid moderation is that I don't want to discourage would-be commenters!

Fran said...

Yes, it does require registration. I can understand the need to slam the door on spammers.
Maybe within the moderation you can tell it who can comment/is approved & you can approve me.
I assure you, I have no time to spam. If I disagree with a post, I'l either say so in a civil way, or go somewhere else!

Fran said...

Lockwood: Here is what it looks like:


Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

Lockwood said...

Ahh!! I think you're at The Wulfshead, where I'm a member, but not an administrator. My blog is Outside The Interzone. Or is that the blog you've been going to?

I signed out, and had a variety of options for commenting, from anonymous, to name/URL, and so on. The "sign in" options are below the comment box and word verification.

The Wulfshead is by invitation only, and I have no idea why I got an invitation, nor do I even know who runs it... it's an odd place.

Fran said...

Ah Ha! I was indeed at the blog listed first in your profile.


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