Friday, November 13, 2009

Turning up the heat--on LIEberman

Oh Joe! You brought this upon yourself. Lieberman deserves to be hounded relentlessly for being on the take, and joining the GOP in lockstep, threatening to filibuster health care reform.

This U Conn student captures the topic:


Life As I Know It Now said...

Every time I hear about Joe LIEberman
I wonder why in the hell didn't the state party, and the voters, throw his ass out last time? They had a great candidate to replace him and yet there Joe is--a big pimple of corrupt pus in the party, courtesy of the Conn. voters.

Dada said...

Obviously these demonstrators aren't paying enough into their HSA's. They need to recognize, when it comes to health care, they're on their own. So rather than wasting time trying to do a face to face with their senator, they simply need to be working harder, digging deeper into their own pockets to put a little more away for a rainy day sick day(s). It's the rugged way of American individualism via capitalism instead of all those socialist bastard nations in Europe, Latin America and other places around the world that coddle to their people's health care needs when they get sick and plant crazy ideas like that in the heads of these Americans.

Fran said...

I noticed this clerk of Lieberman's looks almost like she is on the brink of crying.... can you imagine the ROAR of a response his office is getting. I hope they stay on his case like pitbulls.
Clamp down do not let go!!!

He's not even a Blue Dog-- more like Red Rat.

Dada ~ You slather the issue w sarcasm.

Like as if fundraisers in bars will cover the medical costs of stage 4 cancer treatment.

It's refreshing to see these students on his case in a very public way.

nonnie9999 said...

that's exactly what needs to happen in front of every office of every rep and senator who has already or is going to vote no on the health care bill. there should be hundreds or even thousands of people instead of just a handful. embarrass the bastards! put ads in the papers calling them accomplices in murder. give them a nice kick in the ass and remind them about that whole for, of, and by the people thing.