Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wall Street is more important than you!

Health-care workers are bound by the CDC to distribute the vaccine only to populations deemed to be at high risk of developing serious complications from swine flu: pregnant women, children and young people aged 6 months to 24 years, people who live with or provide care for infants under 6 months (who cannot be vaccinated), people aged 24 to 64 with medical conditions that put them at higher risk for flu-related complications, and health-care workers and emergency medical personnel.

So.... where do you think you would find these high risk groups?
Medical facilities, Schools, College campus settings?

The answer in New York City is : WALL STREET.

Businessweek reports:

"In the past week or so 13 companies, including Citigroup (C) and Goldman Sachs (GS), have begun receiving small quantities of the vaccine, according to city health authorities.

Citigroup has been supplied with 1,200 units and Goldman with 200, says Jessica Scaperotti, press secretary for the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. The agency has so far approved orders by 29 employers—including 16 that have yet to receive any vaccine—after they were cleared by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Big employers that have received or are scheduled to receive vaccine so far include Time Warner (TWX), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Memorial Sloan-Kettering, New York Presbyterian Healthcare System, and New York University."

Wall Street is going to need a whole lot of condoms-- not only are they screwing taxpayers (bailout money, mass foreclosures, fat bonus money while being bailed out), but now being first in line for a life saving vaccination for H1N1.

Is this part of Hank Paulson's "total immunity" deal?


nonnie9999 said...

who approved this? wherever the buck stops, that person should be fired immediately and have his/her health insurance taken away.

Fran said...

The NY State health department.
It sure does shed new light on the concept of *total immunity*


Ruthless Wall Street schmucks would walk right over babies, children, & pregnant women to allow the fat cat douch bags to be first in line.

I hope the local hospital & Doctors pit a Royal fit over this.
Wall Street should give the vaccines back & go to the END of the line.

Anonymous said...

How about a $500,000 fine for any Wall Street high roller who got the shot who was not high risk?


Christopher said...

The NY State Dept. of Health has set up a bogus "800" to field phone calls from worried and terrified resident unable to get the H1N1 vaccine.

You really should call it. Call it 3 times and you will get 3 different answers from call centers scattered across the the northeast including Newfoundland, Canada!

The dead bodies are starting to pile up in Western New York because there is no H1N1 vaccine available here.

The largest university in Rochester, the University of Rochester, has had more than 500 confirmed cases and despite being connected to Strong Hospital, the UofR can't get their hands on vaccine.

Meanwhile, at the hospital where Jim is a Med Surg RN, the word is, only pregnant women get the H1N1 vaccine. Not cancer patients, not people living with HIV/AIDS, not people with asthma or emphysema, and not staff, but if you're a pregnant woman, come on in!

This is a public health disaster and while the president is issuing hushed statements about the 13 people killed at Ft. Hood, more than 2,000 Americans have died of H1N1 swine flu and all we get from his hapless administration is lip service.

D.K. Raed said...

They already stole all the money in the world, and now they're stealing our vaccines?!!

Fran said...

Christopher~ This situation is out of hand. The vaccine is slow growing, and that is why they don't have enough.... but putting it in the hands of the effing Wall Street thieves?
Before all the high risk patients you mentioned- it's one thing to steal money, quite another to do the vaccine grab. It should be treated as a crime.

DK~ I'm not sleeping any better knowing Citi, Goldman Sachs, and the Federal Reserve bankers essentially cut to the front of the line re the vaccinations.
The Gvmnt should DO SOMETHING about this.... not just say "it's a problem"... they should say give the vaccinations back to the health department.
Those at risk can get in line with everyone else because right now they are sooooo out of line!

Christopher said...

Fran -- The troops are more important than us too. The Pentagon at Obama's urging sent 150,000 H1N1 vaccine doses to Qatar for the U.S. troops.

But the American people can't get the damned stuff.

Life As I Know It Now said...

What did you expect from a fascist state? and I am not entirely kidding either...

Fran said...

Christopher~ Statistically, pregnant females, although a small percentage of the population have the highest fatality rate. So I do understand why they are considered highest risk-- plus vaccinating the pregnant Mother, is a two-fer...
two people are getting vaccinated.

I have heard that the troops are getting the majority & lions share... for 2 reasons....
* they have a huge outbreak of swine flu in Afghanistan, amongst the troops.
* they said they needed the troops vaccinated in case the pandemic becomes out of control in the US.

Oregon has been bone dry when it comes to flu shots. The regular flu shots were snapped up quickly as people who do not normally get them did so, especially if they realized they were not in the high risk group, and would have to wait for months for the H1N1 vaccine.

My Doctor's office is not even maintaining a waitlist.
But this week a batch of the H1N1 vaccine arrived. Pharmacies were charging $50 bucks for the shot, in very limited quantities.

The county health department gave the shots today for free.
I got in line @ 6am for the 9 am opening of the H1N1 flu shot give away.

It was raining hard, and they set up a large tent roof for people to stand under & they had 2 Sheriff's police uniformed officers onsite.
I am in the high risk group & got a shot.
My college student age 21 got in line as well-- they chose which version he got & gave him the nasal spray live virus.

Oh Lib..... I know this has been frustrating as hell.

Distributorcap said...

is this any more proof that we live in an aristocracy

isnt it time to start the.....