Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn Beck-- You are no Dr. King!

Need I say more?


Jerry Critter said...

The closest that Glenn Beck gets to Dr. King is that both of their last names have 4 letters.

Fran said...

Beck had Palin speak too. If they want to play the God card, and they themselves state the movement is about "people of faith who believe you have an equal right to justice. "

So does this mean the movement will rally behind the equal rights of Gay marriage? I want to see that headline on Beck's home base- Fox network.

Won't hold my breath on that one.

They dishonor Dr. King's life work for Civil Rights, Peace & Justice. He wanted basic rights, human rights & to help impoverished people to get a good education so they would not be mired in poverty for a lifetime.

Beck & Palin's intent is about making money.
About being in the spotlight. If these two was so Godly, I'd like to know how much of their fortunes they donate to charity & worthy causes & needs.

Any speculation about Palin being in a Tea Party presidential ticket in 2012?

If we are invoking God in all this, then Good God! Make it stop!

nonnie9999 said...

did the miracle happen yet when i wasn't looking?

D.K. Raed said...

no one brings out the crazy like Beck. add Palin to the mix, and it was flat-out free-for-all hatefest.

Dr King's memory didn't enter at all except:
1) Beck used some of his words wherever and whenever he could to make it seem King would've supported him (yeh, he must've hurt his head familiarizing himself with King's words in such a short time), and
2) the King neice who is estranged from and spoke without King family approval and who is known for her extreme conservative views incl that gay marriage is genocide (I can't even begin to disect that bit of brainlessness).

That's about as much of Buckin Feck Day I could watch before I needed to take full-body decontamination shower!

Only thing missing was freak-show Sharon Angle swooping in from Nevada to affirm that Lincoln would've approved 2nd amendment remedies.