Sunday, August 15, 2010

The nerve

Chimpy, The Shrub, The Decider, Worst President Ever-- yes George W Bush & his sidekick, wife showed up at the Dallas Fort Worth airport to surprise 145 returning troops from Iraq & Afghanistan for a 2 week break.
That's a lot of nerve-- he probably had heavy security detail... I'm sure more than a few soldiers had to refrain from going after the bastard responsible for starting these wars- and making their lives a living hell.
 The story was reported by CNN. 

Draft dodging swine, whose administration is responsible for the war of choice, Mr. Mission Accomplished- the guy who never went to war, but liked playing dress up, had the gaul to show up for this photo op. The guy who refused to let the caskets of returning soldiers be photographed, wants to relieve his conscience & come off as some nice guy who respects the troops? If he respected the troops, he would never have put them in harms way in the first place. 


Life As I Know It Now said...

That last picture pretty much says it all except now we need to plant another flag in the shit with Obama's name on it.

Fran said...

Sorry George, a little airport handshake photo op will not cleanse your soul of the horrors you created.

Just like Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare's play, Bush must spend hours trying to wash the blood stains off his hands...
"Out, damn'd spot! OUT, I say!"

As for Obama- He does seem to be on the "S" list, as he continues to try to pander & please the right, while throwing his base supporters under the bus. Equal rights is a huge issue, as highly decorated/intelligent soldiers are being fired from the military for being gay, and he even made some vague statement re California's Prop 8 repeal, as supporting marriage as only between a man & woman.
Gibbs "Professional Left" remark was really a slap in the face to many of his supporters.
The endless wars & weak environmental stance, lack of direction to go with real clean/alternative energy seems to be opposite of his campaign promises.

Jerry Critter said...

No matter how bad someone might think Obama is, the Bush years and the continuing republican BS show how much worse off we would be with the republicans running things...unless you make over $1,000,000 per year.

Billie Greenwood said...

The politicians (of both parties) concern themselves with posturing and pandering--mostly to the corporations and military-industrial complex who "own" them (via campaign contributions and lobbying).

[shrugs] "What's a Democracy to do??"

nonnie9999 said...

i wonder if he wiped his hand off on pickles like he wiped his hand on clinton's shirt in haiti after he had to shake hands with people for a photo op there.

this latest stunt was not done to honor the troops. it was just for publicity so he can sell his book.

Fran said...

Jerry, I know that what you say is true, but are we really willing to settle for "it could be worse"? to describe our top elected official?
It could be better!

Border Explorer! Good to see you~ Oh yes big money does have a stronghold, and it impacts so many "small people".

You asked:
[shrugs] "What's a Democracy to do??"

Howard Zinn answered that question with
"Revolt", but sadly he never described how he thought the revolution would/should play out.

Nonnie~ That was a disturbing & most telling video. He actually did wipe his hand off like he'd touched "cooties".

In this case, I would think the soldiers would feel that way. Why would they want to shake the hand of the man responsible for the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan & the stop loss policy that makes soldiers do multiple tours of duty?

For all of eternity, Bush has that blood on his hands.

Jerry Critter said...

I agree. It could be better but...

The answer is to elect better Democrats, not republicans.

D.K. Raed said...

to me, it looks like Chris Rock is trying yank W over the cootie-protection barricade. then, maybe stomp on his head. his brains fell out of that empty vessel long ago.

I'll agree with Nonnie that the real reason Mr Legacy and Pickles are suddenly out there is to keep him in the spotlight so's "his" (ghostwritten) damn book can sell at least as well as Sister Sarah's Scribble.

There was another cootie incident, some years ago, when W was appearing on one of the late night talk shows ... he looked into his glasses and decided they were a bit too smudged ... then proceeded to clean them off using the shirt of some hapless stagehand who was standing nearby. Typical act of the Priviledged Class, why dirty his own shirt when some other poor working slob is around to take the abuse?

Jerry C, I want to see some better democrats running. All I've got in my state of UT is a scared Blue Dog who rejected The Stim and HCR. 'course I realize UT is a special exception to concept of an informed electorate.