Friday, August 6, 2010

The Supreme Court-- 1/3 flush with Women

Well now, we are about to have some serious Female history happen at high levels. Elena Kagan has been confirmed by the Senate as the next Supreme Court Justice. Besides making a $213,900 annual salary, there are historic records being broken....

Of the 112 Supreme Court Justices, only 4 have been Women.
Sandra Day O'Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor, & now Elena Kagan.

For the first time in history we will have 3 sitting Justices that are female. Important for many reasons, but the most glaring one is that more than 1/2 the total population of the United States is female, so we really should have equal representation.

Here is a strange bit of Supreme Court history-- Sandra Day O'Connor was appointed in 1981-- it took them 12 years to install a dedicated "Ladies Room"-- because the Court had been dominated by males.

So plunge right into it Ladies!



Life As I Know It Now said...

I'm happy today with this news. It's about damn time! We need 2 more women on the court and then I'll think we have gotten equality on the court.

Fran said...

Lib~ It is good to begin ( for the first time ever) to have some balance on the Judicial side.
It appears that the Obama team did their homework in vetting potential Supreme Court Justices.
None of this Harriet Meyers stuff the Bush admin tried to pull off.
I heard a clip of Bader-Ginsberg saying being the only Female on the Supreme Court had been a lonely place- can you imagine having to work every day w the likes of Clarence Thomas & Alito? Bader-Ginsberg has been the voice of reason- in rulings like "Corporations are people", and "Corporate money equals free speech" to be able to buy elections.
She was like the lone wolf, surrounded by a bunch of neocon Grizzly bears.

D.K. Raed said...

Indeed, All Hail the Women! Is coincidence, or crap, that these 3 women are all being counted on to maintain a liberal bloc? There are doubts about the last 2 being firmly in the lib camp. Ginsberg may still find herself surrounded by Grizzlies on certain issues.

I'm happy about Kagan, but miffed that only 5 repubs would vote for her. Even Orrin Hatch refused. In the past Hatch has said it's the president's choice and he supports it as long as the candidate is qualified. He's the one who gave Clinton the name of Ruth Bader-Ginsberg as an acceptably qualified liberal who could be confirmed. I guess that's a good demonstration of the new political climate we are fully enmeshed in.

And what to say about Ben Nelson who couldn't even support his own party? He's Blue Dog Toast. Scott Brown said he'd support Kagen, then backed out at the last minute. Guess those Tea Partiers he says he never met with are now meeting with him.

BTW, did you know Ginsberg and Scalia have a very close working relationship? I know I know, it's hardly credible, but there it is. They both acknowledge the improbability. I can't belive Ginsberg would go near Scalia after his one time only explanation of the Supreme Installation of Prez GWB.

nonnie9999 said...

it's like that movie, first monday in october, but in reverse. in the movie, walter matthau was the liberal, and jill clayburgh was the conservative.

Fran said...

DK - Ben Nelson is toast! Goes turncoat during a Judicial confirmation of his own party??

As for Ginsberg-- I suppose she had to play nice & get along-- it's a pretty narrow world as a Supreme!

Hopefully there will now be some lively debates.
Still one shy of tipping the scales from the part of no.