Monday, March 21, 2011

Caption this....

Palin visits Isreal, but apparently spent too much time at the Wailing Wall. 

Palin asked reporters "What does meshugganah mean?", they keep calling me that name. 

Quitter, ex governor Palin has a bad hair day in Israel. 

Palin found the Orthodox Jewish people a rough crowd to entertain,
 they did not get her Hockey Mom jokes, and did not find the Drill Baby Drill chant at all amusing. 

What captions can you come up with?


CABE said...

Oy...I could spin her dreidel

Fran said...

"Palin wore a Star of David, the symbol of Judaism, around her neck, prayed close to the wall and lodged a written prayer in a crevice, according to tradition."

Leave it to Palin to dumb it down to her own narrow perspective....
But Palin does not get past the checkpoint to go to Bethlehem

"Tourists need to carry passports to cross checkpoints into the occupied Palestinian territory and Israelis are not normally permitted to enter areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, such as Bethlehem.

From the checkpoint Palin would have been able to see the high concrete walls that separate Bethlehem from Jerusalem."

Palin can poop all over the extremely delicate Israeli- Palestinian struggle, without even knowing it.
As she dithers around, pretending to be some kind of important diplomat.

kid said...

Rabbi: So how do you like Israel so far Mrs. Palin?

Palin: Well jinkies by gosh don't you know, I looked everywhere near that darn wall and I didn't find one Whale.

Fran said...

Good one kid!

Christopher said...

What’s the difference between Saran Palin and the beard on the Hasidic Jew standing next to her?

The beard on the Hasidic Jew is free of lice.

nonnie9999 said...

"tel aviv? ya can't tell a viv anything, dont'cha know, you betcha!"

D.K. Raed said...

"Palin, mistaking rabbi for Netanyahu's cook, asks him for a non-kosher meal tonight" ... yes, it's true, Palin went to dinner with Netanyahu ... I found that amazing! Why would a Prime Minister give this bimbo the time of day? He's a Head of State, she's a failed guv/failed vp/successful hirer of ghost writers. Next time I go to Israel, I'm demanding equal time!

Fran said...

DK~ Yea The Prime Minister meets with the mayor of Wasilla- Meth capitol of Alaska??
Makes no sense. They must have presented her as a serious presidential contender.

So now when the press hounds her about what international experience she has, she can say she dined with heads of state-- which is still not any kind of qualifier or knowledge of international workings.
The real question is how many invites did she solicit & what is the (long) list of those who declined?

Again, her press releases come out after the fact, that gives them a chance to edit the mistakes. She will be pissed this photo was released. In her paid performances (lets call them what they really are) in the States, she actually has a no photos clause, & her & her staff pick a few pre approved photos of the day for release.
It does not work that way in the White House- with the exception Michelle & the kids are strictly off limits. Michelle does photo ops when she chooses to, but you hardly see the kids.
With the press being the vultures that they are, it is probably best for the kids to be shielded from them.

Speaking of kids.... who is taking care of Palin's special needs baby while she traipses around
pretending to be some kind of diplomat?

What a crappy Mom to put her political ambitions before the needs of her really young kids. Someone else change the baby's diapers! I'm off to dine with the Prime Minister in the Middle East.
I'm dreading even thinking about having her back in the presidential arena.
Her title should read
"Ex Half Governor, & National Embarrassment"

I wish she'd Maverick herself out of the political arena. She is trying to straddle the tea party & the GOP. They probably only tolerate her because she is a cash cow for the party.
Im sure they already realize she is a proven loser. She lost the last election & it is too risky for her to try again.
So now the best they have to offer is..... Newt?

D.K. Raed said...

Re: "who is taking care of Palin's special needs baby while she traipses around
pretending to be some kind of diplomat?"

I think I saw Todd with her audience in India (where she dissed the prez while saying americans don't diss the pres while on foreign soil -- maybe she just admitted she is not american?) ... so I guess Bristol, teen mom dancing klutz, is in charge of special needs Trig while mom goes to foreign state dinners and claims to have many israeli flags in her home (yes she really did say that!).