Friday, April 8, 2011

A sticky situation

(CNN) -- Police in Maryland are on the hunt for the perpetrator of what appears to be an April Fools' Day prank that left a man glued to a toilet at a Wal-Mart store.
If caught, the jokester who doused the seat with glue at the Elkton Wal-Mart on March 31 could face second-degree assault charges, said Lt. Matthew Donnelly of the Elkton Police Department.
Police, along with the Singerly Fire Co. and the Cecil County paramedics, were called to the scene at about 7 p.m.
There, they found the 48-year-old victim, who called for help after realizing the sticky situation he was in when he tried -- and failed -- to stand up and leave the superstore's restroom, Donnelly said.
It took responders 15 minutes to remove the victim from the stall, but they were unable to disconnect the toilet seat from his body, Donnelly said.
Instead, the victim was taken to Union Hospital of Cecil County, where the seat was detached. He left with only minor injuries to his buttocks, Donnelly said.
Police do not suspect that the victim was specifically targeted, but that the incident was a random prank, Donnelly said. They have not received reports of glue-laden toilet seats since."
Hey! This story is just as compelling as the fact John Boehner is the speaker of the house & waited till the last day deadline to reach an impasse & probably shut down the government. 
Congress continues to get paid during a shut down. So my suggestion, stop paying congress if they force a shut down. No pay for them would yield a quicker resolution. Otherwise..... it's business as usual. 


nonnie9999 said...

it wouldn't do any good to threaten congress with no pay. most of them are so stinking rich that they wouldn't even notice, and rich enough to float loans to those who are not as fortunate.

D.K. Raed said...

Note the jokester only hit the men's restroom ... a hairy situation!

Fran said...

OK- Then make 'em go to WalMart (your Homeland Security depot) & get glued to toilet seats.
No removing the toilet seats off their asses till the budget is done!

How's that??

Fran said...

DK~ Ouch! But the irony that Wal Mart is the official supplemental Homeland Security back up & they have a toilet seat glue prank happen right under their "secure" noses.

Now picture John Boehner, Eric Cantor & Michelle Bachmann in the same predicament!

D.K. Raed said...

Boehner would cry tears copious enough to loosen the glue (and insert foot).

Cantor would pass a law requiring all toilet seats have a special coating that no glue (or buttocks) can stick to. He'll offer a permanent lower tax rate and lifetime contract for treating the congressional toilets if the inventor can personally come to his house right now, no right now, I mean RIGHT NOW! and get this damn toilet seat off his face ... yes, face ... no questions please ... and take no note of Larry Craig sneaking out the backdoor ... nuthin to see here folks.

Bachmann would waltz out of the bathroom with the toilet seat stuck to her a**, look around all blinky-eyed and ask what's everyone lookin at?

nonnie9999 said...

if rethugs had toilet seats glued to their asses, they'd never admit a moment of embarrassment. instead, they'd declare that gluing a toilet seat to your ass is the most patriotic thing you could possibly do in this country. then they'd collect from the toilet seat manufacturers lobby.

Fran said...

You two crack me up!

Boehner might patent his tears that remove toilet seats glued to your ass.
Cantor pitching a hissy fit.. to get the toilet seat off his face?
Ahh to add Larry Craig to the list, yes he has a toilet seat/stall history.
& Bachmann perpetually perplexed. We always knew she had something up her ass!

Nonnie! I think you nailed it.... might call upon the toilet paper & plunger associations to kick in lobbyist $$$ too.
There are always opportunitie$ knocking on their door$.