Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Funny


nonnie9999 said...

i wonder when people will get tired of this bullshit. seriously, this crap should be between those guys and their wives. i'm no longer married, but if i was, i wouldn't want anyone else diagnosing my relationship. of course, when there is a crime involved, as in the imf case, that's a different issue. it's also a different issue when a politician uses taxpayer money to carry on an affair. when holier-than-thou religious figures or pols are constantly preaching their bullshit and get caught doing the exact things they publicly condemn, then they're practically asking to be called on the carpet. however, when nobody outside the immediate relationship is hurt, then this shit is just none of our business. this country has got to get past the junior high mentality.

Fran said...

it would appear, by all these big name "celebs" be they sports, politics etc, tend to get drunk on the power & somehow decide crossing the line w these sex capades of one variety or another is something they feel entitled to .
The president, Tiger Woods Aaahrnold... one might say they *had it all*, but wound up shooting themselves in the foot or ruining their marriages over this.

Even more strange those that really did cross the line were able to keep their jobs.

What WEiner did was out of line, but he did not actually do the deed if you will, but had ill intent.

It's true though... these couples need to work it out themselves.

GOP scandals are OK DEM are not?