Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Much adieu about Weiner

Weinergate. Lewd tweeted photos. You had to have heard the story by now-- Congressman Weiner took a shot of himself in his skivvies & tweeted it to some cyber lady friend in Seattle. As well as other cyber/electronic sexting & adult flirtations.
The photo was made public & he played the "hacked" card. But then when asked if if was his or him... he said he was investigating.

Needless to say his response, only snowballed into others chiming in on the topic- that yielded knee slapping headlines like "Democrats push weiner to tell truth". 
So he came clean yesterday, he tweeted his underwear shot & he's done it before & with several others. 
He is married, just shy of one year, and said some of his cyber exposes shall we call them, happened prior to his marriage, but still went on after he married. 
They say a pictures say 1,000 word, so lets review:
I've been hacked, not saying if this is my *junk shot or not*

 Became embroiled in controversy when he could not say "with certitude" that the photo was not of him.

Damn it! This story is not going away. 

Hounded by the press. 

Comes clean saying it is him in the photo & how regretful he is.....
soooooooo very regretful

To the point of tears (hey it works for Boo Hoo Boehner!

But all this fuss & what not over this

Really? The gray boxer junk shot has us all a twitter?

People have been more excited to see this, the weinermobile. 

But before Congressman Weiner lets his head get all swollen over his panty shot
(sorry the door was open for such a pun), 
I found his "lewd" photo to be, well, boring. 
Of course his wife is likely to be pissed off. Instead of getting some, 
Weiner is likely to be logging time on the couch!
Congressman Weiner: You've got nothing on these models

Besides this fun exploration, I have to say I am floored that Nancy Pelosi quickly announced there would be an Ethics Investigation about "Weinergate". 


Where the hell was Pelosi re investigations during the Bush 2 years when torture, illegal wars, , rendition, Abu Ghraib & Gitmo had more human rights violations than we could keep up with?
None of that warranted investigations?
Impeachment was off the table. 

But the underwear photo or other inappropriate photos sent electronically 
cause this level of investigative concern?

All these guys had sex scandals:  Bill Clinton , Larry Craig, Newt Gingrich (was having an affair while trying to Impeach Clinton for the same.) 
S. Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford had a lover in Argentina. Calif Gov. Arnold S (the sperminator) had an affair & love child w the nanny. John Edwards had an affair & a baby, 
all three destroyed their marriages, as a result. 

Clinton finished his term, Larry Craig kept his job, Gingrich is currently running for president.
Just saying one can endure a sex scandal & stay in politics. 
You can see how the two go hand in hand, one way or another, someone is getting screwed!


nonnie9999 said...

don't forget diaper david vitter and john ensign, both of whom broke the law.

Fran said...

Ohhh! The list is long.
There are others as well:

New York State alone alone gave us Gov Spitzer, & Rep Christopher Lee

Christopher said...

I saw the offending member today and as a connoisseur of male pleasure tools, I can report that Anthony Weiner's wiener was a "2" on a scale from 1-to-10.

The ickiest thing is, he doesn't manscape so it looked like a smallish exclamation mark sticking out of a hedge of wild pubes.

Dude, please, it's 2011. Clean yourself up.