Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Slightly Irreverent

I don't know about you, but I'm struggling with the holiday season this year.
Monty Python's Eric Idle sums up the BS parts of  X mas. Oh! Here's a
Gingerbread Crack House to go along with the song:


Christopher said...

It's oddly not-festive this year.

Can't put my finger on it.

Fran said...

We live in rough times. The next generation has stepped up & through Occupy Wall or XXX street, have declared we're mad as hell & not gonna take it anymore.
Then the cops moved in & broke up the camps.
The spark has been ignited. Shutting down the camps are not going to put out the flame.
My town is shutting down the occupy camp this week- just before X mas!!!
The masses have finally taken to the streets w our discontent. Feels like our hope for change has seen the light that ALL the politicians are bought & sold.
So a little difficult in getting into this season, when collectively, the majority in this country are getting a raw deal.
So yea, fuck christmas!

D.K. Raed said...

"slightly irreverent" =
Ramblings is going XXX !

Time to take off the gloves and just say it ... xmas has very little to do with important things anymore and very much to do with transitory highs obtained by brandishing guns in walmarts or macing the competition for mark-downs ... who cares if the goods are contaminated in China (if not by actual toxins then by their polluting slave factory conditions).

At least the Occupiers are helping us keep focused on what's really happened here (it can't happen here? it's already happened! hearing that house repubs will only support tax cuts for the wealthy and zip for everyone else just confirms it.)

But just as the usual holiday hokum is reaching my eric-idle effing-point, I read an article today about Layaway Angels that gave me a bit of hope. Seems that people all over the US are suddenly finding their overdue layaway accounts have been anonymously paid off.

Fran said...

The black Friday crime scenes- stampedes, pepper spray & holding @ gunpoint in the parking lot to get the goods is really a boil on the ass of humanity!

I have mixed feelings about the Layaway Angels.
Ok maybe Tiny Tim will get his K Mart toy for X Mas, but if $ is that tight, will they be able to pay the heating/utility bill in January?
Will the family be facing Foreclosure in February?
I know poor folks should have fun & special holiday magic, but there is nothing magical about foreclosure!
Lay away seems like that march of people buying more stuff they can't afford & don't need but have been brainwashed to *want*.
So maybe I an jaded. Sure kids should have that Wow factor where they get a break from the shackles & gloom of poverty.
But who knows what items were put on layaway?
Overpriced jewelry you would not even buy for yourself? Or is it the special toy some kid is really hoping for? Or adding a gun to some psychos collection? Some of the worst killing sprees were w guns n ammo purchased @ K Mart & Wal Mart.
I don't think Layaway angels get to discern.

Not an issue @ WalMart--
Layaway ended Dec 16
Total purchases must be over $50
$5 service charge
Anything not paid for & picked up by Dec 16 was canceled.
Payments refunded less a $10 cx fee+ the $5 service charge.
Cancelation & service fees may vary by state.

Anyway at least people were trying to help, just hope it has an element of sanity.

Back to our regularly scheduled program?

Fran said...

Oh! The topic of payroll tax breaks is a whole 'nuther blog post. I don't get it. I am hoping some other blooger can explain why it is a good thing?