Friday, June 22, 2012

I Heart Oregon

Koosah Falls

Sahalie Falls

The churning roar of the McKenzie River

Yes! They are big splashy photos, it's true. 
We took our grad up to the Cascade Mountains for a little extended graduation 
celebration/retreat. We all needed some R & R, & some of that higher elevation fresh air. 
Ain't nature grand?


D.K. Raed said...

wow, I am lusting for all that water!

ps, can we throw androw into those falls and see if he floats?

Anonymous said...

DK ~ yup- androw's time here is limited if clone posts keep being repeated.

The falls are awesome.... whew! Mother Nature
makes snow melt spectacular!


Christopher said...

I don't know this area of Oregon but it looks stunning.

Portland has always been one of my favorite west coast cities. Not too big and not too small but, still fun, with great food, a walkable downtown and close-by outdoors areas to enjoy.

I heard a rumor George Lucas, weary from years of battling with this pissy Marin County neighbors, is considering relocating Lucas Ranch to southern Oregon. Most of the jobs will be in animation which will really benefit young people graduating from state universities who would otherwise have to move to Los Angeles.

Fran said...

Hi Christopher~ This is Hwy 126, the Willamette Ntl Forest, McKenzie River. the photos came out well, but to have the full experience of the sound & scent Wow!

Lots of folks migrate north from Calif.
Oregon has some real gems of nature for sure.
Funny you don't think Portland is too big. I find it intimidating as a *big city*... so many afterthought roadways, city drivers, & a pace faster than Eugene.
Has a nice flavor & culture of the Pacific NW.

We lucked out w good weather. there have been some heavy rains, as we host the US Olympic track & field trials in Eugene.

Christopher said...

I would like to see the coastal cities that resemble Maine.

The pictures are pips.

Portland, well, after living in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City, Portland is like a tiny jewel to me.

Fran said...

Fair enough. But Portland is spread out amongst a bunch of surrounding areas....
it's all in your perspective.
I'm sure if I lived there I would adapt to it's crazy layout.... for now libral' college town Eugene is about all I can handle!