Monday, October 29, 2012

Romney Gangnam Style

A special shout out to those on the East Coast dealing with the "Frankenstorm"... hope you are safe & keeping up your spirits. This could be a long haul waiting for power to be restored. 
Thinking good thoughts for you, hope you are staying strong & helping each other out through this tough time. 

• Power down or turn off the backlight
• charge the cell phone off your laptop if the cell phone has a longer battery life
• turn off apps that suck power
• charge the cell phone up off your car battery
• use an inverter hooked up to a car type battery (newer inverters have both 110 v plugs ins & USB ports. )



Jerry Critter said...

Just to be fair and balanced, I think we should listen to a little something from the President. There is clearly a difference in style.

Fran said...

I was not expecting the lighter side of the links you included. I just heard Gov Chris Christie giving his thanks & praise of how responsive President Obama & FEMA have been in staying in communication & offering all the help they can provide in this disaster area.

The media really hyped this up -- and indeed it was a major storm-- and hopefully they did a public service in urging people in the low lying hot zones or "A zones" to evacuate.
Now they are talking about post storm safety tips-- keep generators out of the house/garage, 20 feet away from the home.
Potential drinking water contamination.
Flood water & electrical issues.

I just threw in this random mockery piece to lighten up. In light of that, to bad the hurricane was not named "Mitt".

Mitt is monster!
Mitt is the worst ever......
Mitt is devastating!

It is going to take a long time for them to clean up & restore power.