Monday, December 24, 2012

For a cold winter's night

Yes, we've thrown another log on the fire, so settle in for a cozy night.

Turn on the above & play the below @ the same time. Maybe put up your feet & drink a hot cuppa something.  Cheers!

Love & Joy to you & yours.


Fran said...

When I put this post together, I wanted to convey some comfort & joy.
I could not believe the event of today, Firefighters being shot & killed in the line of duty & service.

I have no words. Well I have lots of words, but they were already said. Read the next post down re my response to the NRA. Its already been said, but lets hope those who suffered & lost their lives did not do so in vein. Let us collectively demand that we have to do something on many levels to stop this insanity.

For myself, I can't hardly stand to hear of the next horrific "event".
We are drowning in this out-of-control gun state & it is time for the NRA & it's *more guns* solution, to be put in the trash where it belongs.

We can't take it anymore.

So my heart goes out to the most recent victims.
People who rushed to help others, and lost their lives for no reason, other than our "system" of easy gun access & a failed mental health care are glaringly broken.

So try to embrace all that is good & carry on the light of the positive things the innocent victims had been generating.
Then we'd best fight like hell to make changes.


D.K. Raed said...

Tidings of Comfort to The Ramblings!

We also have a nice fire going tonight, some wine to take our minds off the 30mph winds raging outside, not watching news cuz it's all too horrible ...