Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yes, we have come a long way. No more White Only drinking fountains, or Blacks sit in the back of the bus kind of discrimination going on. But we do have one deceased Trayvon Martin-- his "crime" was walking down the street being black. Some vigilante with a gun & a quick trigger finger-- the one who defied police dispatcher orders & chose to escalate & confront a young black child. Not yet 18 years of age. What happened is George Zimmerman  self appointed himself to be the judge, jury & executioner. Sure they had a trial... but Zimmerman's fatal actions precluded the trial outcome. Whether Zimmerman went to jail or not, Trayvon Martin would not, could not obtain the ultimate justice--getting his life back.
So I can acknowledge we have made progress & yes we do have a 2 term reelected black president.
A first in this country. But the economic equality & justice is not present-- I agree with what Bernie Sanders says in this video-- it is worse.
Civil rights are not just a "color issue", as this country struggles to come forward with equality for gay marriage & the most recent reality check regarding trans gender issues, with Chelsea Manning.

We still have a long way to go, a half century after Dr. King jr told us of his dream.

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