Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oil spill jam sessions

The oil spill song (Sounds like something Arlo Guthrie might sing....)

Big Money Wins


I told you so


Distributorcap said...

short term gain for long term disaster

one day this country will realize we have permanently destroyed the planet and it will be too late

and the world will rightfully blame us

Fran said...

Interesting the "fixes" for the spill - burning chokes the skies & has to foul the ozone layer, chemical dispersants are deadly to some ocean wildlife, and "the box" does not work at that temperature/depth.

Although the BP rep is chanting the mantra that they take full responsibility & will compensate people for loss of livelihoods, we all know that has it's limitations. Some say BP as it stands right now, may go under financially- probably reopen under a different name.

None of the solutions are solutions at all.

These folk tunes speak the truth. They may be crude, but that's the theme here, right?

D.K. Raed said...

"kill baby kill" ... sad but true ... palinistas should be hanging their heads in shame, but instead she is out there saying people in the gulf should handle it like alaska ... as olbermann says, that woman is an idiot!

on the 2nd one, I don't understand why the youtuber imposed an aljazeera sigul on the Ed Show interview with Mike Papantonio. I watched it on MSNBC (it also had RFK jr by phone). Is the implication that MSNBC has aljazeera ties?

Fran said...

Don't know about the al jazeera news logo on the vid, just thought the song was good.