Friday, October 8, 2010

Bobblehead Meg!

Meg Whitman ~ the quintessential Stepford wife... This video must have been made before the revelation that the anti immigration candidate just happened to be employing an undocumented worker.
Ah yes, feel the hypocrisy! Tough on immigration laws, but having an inexpensive illegal immigrant cleaning her own house.  Well, thanks Meg, for handing the election over to someone else.


Fran said...

Hat tip to Cookie Jill @ Skippy the Bush Kangaroo blog for finding this gem.

nonnie9999 said...

the bobblehead is much better looking than the real meg. good thing it's not to scale, because her ginormous head would never allow it to stand.

enigma4ever said...

your blog looks wonderful..really so beautiful...lovely...I have started blogging again...or trying to get back from my hiatus....ok I am off to poke around here for a bit...

( and yes....meg is a bobblehead....)

Fran said...

Hi E ~ Good to see you!!!
Thanks for the compliment.... Blogger has a bunch on new templates to play with, so I keep switching around layouts.
So far, have not done any serious damage while tinkering.

Catchy tune & Funny piece on Megs Eh?