Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rapture Redux

Of course there already IS a "next time" on the schedule~
According to the venerable preacher Howeird Camping, the Rapture is being rescheduled for October 21.
The joke & punchline are as follows:

Ok, Camping got the Rapture date wrong, but not like it's the end of the world!

Evangelical broadcaster Harold Camping says he's "flabbergasted" his doomsday prophecy did not come true. OK, he had his 15 minutes of fame. Some people took his prediction as true, but seriously would anyone really go with a third time round doomsday prediction? Is this guy now just throwing darts at a calendar for his prediction dates? 
Mr Camping is 89 years old, chances are his "end days" really are near. 
If so called believers want to buy into his tabloid version of biblical predictions, fine, but I wish the press would stop giving this guy & his freak show air time. 
Other doomsday theorists kept it generic, so as to save face. 


Dada said...
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Dada said...

OK, so let's go for another 15 minutes of fame for this joker in October.

Frankly, I don't give a sh*t and that those who are "left behind" (in October -- all of us) will experience a horrific end time of stuff, you know, like massive EQ's, more and endless wars, floods and tsunamis (sorry, redundancy, I know), tornadoes, crop failures --> starvation, volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns and endless shitty governments. But, hey, that pretty well describes our pre-rapture *culture of love.* I say, "Bring it on!"

Fran said...

Dada! I envision you drinking Darwin beer on Oct 21, maybe attending a Rapture party w friends.
Loved that video!
I'm not tempting fate with a "bring it on", but the shit sure does seem to be hitting the fan on many fronts, including the endless shitty governments.

Fran said...

My favorite line is:

"More common sense than ever experienced in recorded history"

Dada said...

Yeh, Fran. But I keep wonderin' -- what if the rapture DID happen. If not this past Saturday, one of the other times it was predicted (or NOT predicted). And what if the great poobah or whatever decided, "Screw 'em, ain't none got any salvage value. To Hell with the lot of 'em!"

Meanwhile, tons of folks be waitin' 'round for the next rapture come October, and the one after that, and so on, thinkin' they's *special*, they's *worthy*.....ah - Pfffthahahahahaah!

"To Hell with the lot of 'em!"

(Oh, but on the brighter side, I see someone's finally getting the juevos to stand up to this sinkin' empire and warn 'hands of Pakistan.' WWIII comin' up? I'm thinking that may be exactly what the US wants.)

nonnie9999 said...

that video is hilarious!

harold camping is a vile piece of shit. when told of the people who are now destitute, because they were stupid enough to give him all their money, he told them they should "cope." he'll sit on his millions, and he doesn't give a shit if they starve to death.

i read one story about one of his followers. she slit the wrists and throats of her 2 daughters and then slit her own. she wanted to prevent their having to go through the 'tribulation' of being raptured. luckily, a neighbor found them, and they're alive. camping doesn't think he's in the least bit responsible.

D.K. Raed said...

maybe I'm just not christian enough to see the value of these end-of-the-world cults. every minute of every day, someone somewhere has predicted the end of the world. so if it ever happens, someone somewhere will be able to say, see I tole'ja! even a broken clock ... etc ...

in the meantime untold millions of people think they must live their lives according to the scribblings of ancient deranged fable-tellers. they are pretty good fables, I'll give them that. been entertaining people for a couple millenia. every time someone tries to update the stories, they are labeled blasphemous. but c'mon, do we really need to be concerned with cloven hooves and golden idols or flipping a light switch on sunday?

Perhaps I am doomed to just live out my allotted days tuning out the cults and enjoying life. If I wake up one day and find a bunch of people have floated off somewhere, I will feel similar to your vid ... it will be a big improvement and chance to reboot.

Fran said...

Dada ~ You make a good point-- they assume they will be the chosen ones. Preacherman Camping may be wondering where am I going, why am I in a handbasket & is it hot in here or is it just me?

As for Pakistan... I'm not sure if that is just good theater or what. At first they said Pakistan cooperated w the US, but later changed to they were not aware, which then morphed into a chiding to the US of don't be doing this again.
Is it all just a facade?
How was it OBL was living in a major military town, right under their noses. In a house w 20 foot concrete fencing around it?
Something's not right there.

Nonnie~ I loved the vid too. Soooo funny!
AS for the people who were stupid enough to give it all away... well live & learn.
They could have just written a contingent will for their sinner friends & family.

But the lady slitting throats.... all I can say is I hope childrens services & mental health professionals step in.

DK~ I was thinking about that after these waves of Super Tornadoes are blowing in one after another-- an intensity we've rarely seen before.

I did hear them say cool air is blowing from the Pacific NW (blaming Oregon & Washington!) that is mixing w warm gulf air, creating the conditions for such storms.

So far, the Rapture theory is a bust.
Anyone who continues to follow Camping
& his predictions has got to be missing some cards in the deck.

The old coot has some heavy Karma on his shoulders.