Thursday, May 26, 2011

They had it coming

Since the GOP is now pitching the "kill Medicare" program, trying to sell it as a necessary budget cut, even though they insist on the tax cuts for the rich, continued huge military spending & endless wars, as well as giving big oil $4 billion a year in subsidies, even though they are making billions in profits.
We the small people are expected to delay retirement & make medicare weaker.
Yea well, then this is the kind of campaign ad they can look forward to:


Dada said...

I like this a lot. I'm sick of DC, but even sicker of Americans too distracted from what's going on to care, or to gullible such that they buy into this republican bullshit.

Keep it up conservatives...keep dispossessing us of our jobs, homes, futures, retirements and health care. The more of us you do it to, the more our number will grow, the more of us rummaging thru dumpsters to eat during the day, and huddling in masses to keep warm 'neath fwy overpasses at night, the more of us to awaken, to plot, and the more of us to come for YOU!

While I may have to leave my home and all of my possessions, one thing I will not lose, that I will take with me, and that's my plans of how to build working guillotines from recycled materials. Consider that no joke. Consider it instead my ultimate gift to Americans to give to you with much pleasure and love -- you, our "representatives" who sold America out to your corporate pimps, you whores!

In closing, I say, "Keep coming for us until we reach the tipping point, a critical mass, at which time we WILL return the favor when it will be YOU we come for, assholes! (NOTE: An old trick taught me by my senior English teacher: To avoid ending a sentence with a preposition, simply add the word "asshole/s"!

Fran said...

Bullshit indeed. The GOP has financially pandered to big oil, Wall Street, war profiteering, & the rich.
Medicare is almost a crumb compared to the other giveaways the gov does.

But it's our crumb dammit.
WE've paid into it our who lives- every paycheck we've ever made.

As for your language skills-- so many opportunities to use the "a" word.

nonnie9999 said...

keep giving rethugs shovels so they can keep digging those holes for themselves.

Christopher said...

Not just the GOP.

Remember, President Pootie Tang's "Cat Food Commission" sought to slash Medicare and Social Security too.

Ending these programs has, in my view, nothing to do with fixing the Federal deficit. Obama & Co. want the monies for the expansion of the American Empire into the Middle East, Central Asia and now, Northern Africa.

Empire doesn't come cheap.