Sunday, April 22, 2012

Planetary stewardship is a hands on endeavor. There is so much we can do, to do our part to help mitigate so much irresponsible abuse of the planet. We can do our part- different light bulbs, recycling, precycling & choosing things that are not using excessive packaging. 

We ditched the gas guzzler & got into a "sipper".
Increased the insulation in our home. 
Added a highly efficient inversion ductless heat pump to  the house (much more energy efficient)
Replaced old windows w triple pane windows. 

I realize in the big picture, the nuclear power plants in Japan- Fukishima Daichi continue to meltdown & spew nuclear waste directly into the ocean- and this disaster exceeds that of Chernobyl. Mega screw ups like the gulf Oil spill, and the highly questionable practice of Fracking to extract natural gas. 
My individual efforts seem so minuscule, compared with all the other issues, but still maybe if enough caring people make efforts, we can help shore up the balance. 

What have you done for your planet today?


D.K. Raed said...

for the planet, today I did not drive anywhere, did not watch tv, did not cook, did not vacuum, did not do laundry or turn on lights!

what I did do was change A/C filters (yes A/C uses energy but it's 98-degrees outside and dirty filters make the unit work harder, using even more energy to cool the house). I set the therm at 78 and turn on ceiling fans to keep it habitable. at least it's still cool enough at night to turn off the A/C and open the windows. Next week I'm planting 15 more shade trees which should eventually help mitigate some A/C and replace some oxygen. Things grow so slowly in our poor soil, that's a long-term project.

Re: long-term, yes things like oil spills and nuke disasters and just even all the high-rises in big cities leaving their lights on 24/7 have a much bigger footprint than all individuals ... but we can still all do our part to make a big diff. the earth and all the animals will appreciate us keeping our footprints small and leaving some beauty and less hardship for those who come after.

Fran said...

I agree~ the big picture damage is overwhelming, but we still have to make an effort to balance out the bad & I like being able to face future generations & tell them we tried.