Thursday, July 19, 2012

Playing the god card

Evidence photo of George Zimmerman's gun, he used to shoot & kill Trayvon Martin

When faced with murder charges, what better time to invoke religion/god. 
George Zimmerman is out again, on bail-- now conducting interviews--- saying the night of the murder was "in god's plan". He does not regret carrying or using the gun. 
Wow! Playing the "god card" to justify murder. 

Memo to Zimmerman: Thou shalt not kill. 
That's the official plan of God. 

He prays for Trayvon's family, and must have been coached to make "sad faces". 
His apology was that he was sorry this had to happen, and sorry that this divided the country. 
He is sorry alright, but it is because he has had the cold, stark reality of what life behind bars is like- serving time for murder. 
Worse is he said he would not have done anything different that night. 

Maybe just waiting a few more minutes in his car,  as he was told to do, so when the cops arrived, they could find out Trayvon Martin was just a kid walking in his Dad's neighborhood, and would still be alive today. 

The bottom line is by Zimmerman going on TV, it allows him to say anything he wants, without any cross examination. 
It gives him a way to taint a jury pool before legal proceedings begin. 
Zimmerman declares he is not racist, and not a murderer. 
I sure hope the prosecution presents years of previous 9-1-1 calls from Zimmerman making racial comments, and if he is not a murderer, why is Trayvon Martin dead?


Jerry Critter said...

A god that tells one to go out and kill another person is no god of mine.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman is just using the media to dispense his scripted story. It is clear he has been coached, and to me, the fact he has no regrets and would not have done anything differently, just make me cringe.
If he would have done just 1 thing differently-- listen to the 9-1-1 operator's instructions to not follow Trayvon Martin, he would be alive.

I wish Zimmerman were back in jail, awaiting trial.
This fake testimony via Fox newz, with Sean Hannity conducting the staged interview is so insulting.
I bet Zimmerman does not even take the stand in his trial... just wants to have this one way ability to say what the lawyers have told him to say.
I can't imagine how TM's family must feel.