Sunday, July 8, 2012

Smart Phone

4G LTE, Gorilla Glass, MotoCast, Super Amoled, water-repellent nanocoating, Ice Cream Sandwich, Mobile Hotspot capable. virtual QWERTY keyboard, Gingerbread, 
iOS, i Cloud, Bluetooth, Chargers, Docks, Display protectors, then there's apps & uploads, downloads, music files, camera specs, video, battery life, network capability.... Whew! It is a whole new lingo & I have no clue what the Gingerbread vs the Ice Cream sandwich operating systems offer, but is there such a thing as an i headache?
No doubt there is probably an app for that!
Oh! You may well need to take a class to make sure that you are smarter then your smart phone!


Unknown said...

Unfortunately, I am an old person, and by the time I find my "tracfone" it has stopped ringing. I don't even want to go into voicemail. Oh, so true....

Fran said...

Love the mockery of this SNL spoof... the "you gotta have it" hype @ the store or kiosk is over the top, and once you do buy something, they lay out a whole nuther assortment of things you must have to "protect your investment". I made the leap this year, because I wanted a virtual QWERTY keyboard ( one that appears on the screen & a light tap does the job)... but there is a learning curve, and essentially these new phones are computers in your pocket. The big phone companies are trying to phase out the basic phones... making some of them ore expensive than a smart phone (ahh but the data plan will get ya). Still I have had my old basic phone work in places where spendy phones do not. I hear ya about missing calls.

D.K. Raed said...

never realized how much I resemble Fred Armisen ... that befuddled look on his face ... OMG I am gettin olllllddddd!