Tuesday, December 11, 2012


As I flipped through the channels tonight, most of the "entertainment" involved shows with guns. Channel after channel either rapid fire in progress or running w guns in hand.
So whoever ever did the latest mall shooting in Oregon- I have to wonder what was his inspiration to be a madman firing shots in the mall? TV, violent video games? Our society is saturated with gun culture.
We don't yet know the age of the shooter, but witnesses seem to think it was a young male.
Legal or not, running into a mall & opening fire w an assault rifle, shooting innocent people is nothing short of psychotic.

What is with these shooters choosing to wear bulletproof gear for these "events"?
They want to kill, but not die?

Was fame the goal? We will never know....

At what point will the pro gun faction cop to the fact we have a serious problem?
2012 brought an armed neighborhood watch vigilante shooting a teen dead, even after he was told by police dispatch to back off. Then the Colorado movie theater massacre, & today's shooting.
With a Mall loaded w shoppers before X mas-- Santa had to dodge bullets.
After a mass exodus, the empty mall was silent, except for Christmas music playing in the aftermath.
Damned surreal. I guess the good news was this seemed to be an inexperienced shooter, because there could have been a lot more fatalities. Sadly, two people lost their lives, plus the life of the shooter.
What next? Will the Gun lobby simply recommend we have Santa & Shoppers wear  bullet proof vests?

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D.K. Raed said...

was talking to sister on phone when news of this mall shooting came on TV. I asked if she was watching ... she asked where did it happen ... I said Oregon ... she said she thought they were more reasonable up there ... I said remember Kip Kinkel. we are both living in gun nut states so you can understand her confusion about other states not being so gun-ho.