Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gun appreciation day?

This kid looks depressed. Pulled away from the pro gun rally, even too young to own a gun, someone saw fit to drag them to this "Gun appreciation day" (nothing screams *sanity* like creating a day to celebrate an inanimate object that is designed to kill).
OK Junior, you carry this threatening semi automatic logo flag.
Probably felt too intimidated to tell the parent "Don't tread on ME".

The gun nuts are carrying signs saying essentially, more guns in schools to protect my loved ones.
On the same day, 5 people shot themselves or others accidentally at gun shows on gun appreciation day, not knowing a bullet or bullets remained in the chambers.
Honestly, I wish they could come & take it, away from civilians (semi automatic military style guns, & high capacity ammo magazines).
Apparently, common sense is out of stock.

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