Sunday, April 28, 2013

Corporate terrorism- part 2

Ahh yes, but business as usual...

The U.S. government banned BP from new federal contracts over its "lack of business integrity" in the spill, which could threaten its role as a leading U.S. offshore oil and gas producer.

But BP said on Tuesday that its mandatory debarment under the settlement did not affect any existing contracts or leases.

"The government has awarded BP over 50 federal leases since the Deepwater Horizon accident," said BP, which is the largest investor and deepwater leaseholder in the Gulf of Mexico with interests in 700 blocks and seven rigs now operating there.

Why the government allowed a plea deal is beynd me, not only was this a gross negligence case, where 11 people died, but they lied & obstructed justice as well. 
All these billions are chump change to a mega big oil company like BP. 

Pleading guilty to killing someone usually means going to prison…unless the perpetrator is a corporation.
This week, BP agreed to 11 counts of manslaughter for the workers killed during the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, when the Deepwater Horizon oilrig blew up.

But no one from the oil giant will serve time for the convictions. Instead, BP will pay a $4 billion fine, which is equivalent to what the company made in revenue every four days last year.
Also, BP will have five years to pay the fine. 
In closing, sure people need work, but they should not be literally dying for the right to work.  BP knew of problems, but a corporate decision to push forward was made. The West Texas fertilizer plant is saying records vanished in the fire, but what government agency was supposed to oversee operations & make sure safety practices were up to code, & maintain records?
We are rightfully outraged about terrorist acts, but somehow, we accept "corporate terrorism" where cutting corners, and breaking rules results in death & destruction, but those are just "accidents". 
BP did pay a price, but they are still in the Gulf, taking oil, and their fine, although the largest in history, is not much to them, because their profit for the year was 
$11.816 billion in 2012. 
They are not done yet...
Further legal proceedings not expected to conclude until 2014 are ongoing to determine payouts and fines under the Clean Water Act and the Natural Resources Damage Assessment. BP faces damages of up to $17.6 billion in the trial

Look at their dirty history though--
 The 2005 Texas City Refinery explosion which caused the death of 15 workers and resulted in a record-setting OSHA fine.
 The 2006 Prudhoe Bay spill, the largest oil spill on Alaska's North Slope.
[14] In 2010 the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was the largest accidental release of oil into marine waters in the history of the petroleum industry, and resulted in severe environmental, health and economic consequences.

Still no jail time. with 26 workers deceased. 
Where is the outrage over these senseless deaths?

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