Saturday, April 27, 2013

Life force

I'm working on a post about some current  catastrophe topic... but just could not get into it this morning. Too much of that going on. Instead I am going to post about life & living things, because we need that balance in our lives. Humans seem to be pretty messed up, in how they interact with each other, and or their environment. Nature seems to have it together better, and or gives us a different perspective. It heals & has a grounding effect. Go sit with a tree, waterfall, river- surround yourself, really settle down.
There is so much chatter in our lives, you have to work at turning it off. It is worth the effort, to turn off the chaos & tune in to nature. No matter how many bad or senseless things happen, and the suffering it causes, the flowers still bloom, and the life cycle goes on. Springtime is showtime for Mother Nature.

Wild Iris flowers in bloom

I noticed a bird I'd never seen before in the parking lot at work! It is a Killdeer- a member of the Plover family- usually Shorebirds, but this bird does hang out inland as well. Must have a nest nearby, as it sounds it's alarm call, when people walk in & out of the building. 
Seeing that new-to-me bird & listening to it's unique songs, made me stop thinking about other heavier topics, if even for a brief time. Nature- it's a beautiful healing gift- we just need to be in the present & take the time to enjoy it. 

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