Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Give Peace a Chance

I love this photo. It represents all that is counter military. This has been on my mind lately, since there has been sabre rattling of presidential candidates. We all know McCain is a lost cause on the war front. He has totally bought into the war machine & is OK with war going on eternally.

But Obama is saying he *hopes* to get troops out of Iraq by 2010. Hopes? The Commander in Chief commands-- right? If the mission is to get out, it can be accomplished sooner than later. The talk of adding more troops in Afghanistan seems to me to be more of the same. It is reminiscent of the talk we hear from the Bush administration. The change I was hoping for does not involve further violence.

Tell me your thoughts on non-violence in the 21st Century.


Unknown said...

This is such an incredible photo. Thanks for posting it.

Fran said...

Yes, it is a great piece of history from the 60's peace movement....

But what about the here & now-- the 21st century?