Tuesday, April 21, 2009


How's this for a job proposal?
Targeted to College Students & grads....

• Commit to 40 hours per week

• This is an unpaid position.

• Stipends for food, transportation and housing are not available.

• Can I get college credit for my work as a Summer Organizer?
Contact your college/university with questions regarding college credit. Organizing for America cannot guarantee that you will receive college credit for work as a Summer Organizer.

• Support this program by making a donation to Organizing for America.

• We will be operating our Summer Organizers program only in select states. If you live in a state where we are not running a Summer Organizers program, you will be asked to move to another state.

This is from the Obama camp. To expect a full 40 hour a week work commitment, for not a dime.... maybe even have to relocate to another state, means they need independently wealthy people to do this work. 

This really seems exploitative to me. People need to eat & have shelter. 
I voted for change I can believe in, this is unbelievable

Way not call it the Summer Poverty Program?

If you are going to have such a program, how about letting people participate 20 hours so they can also make a living?

WTF Obama!

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Fran said...

When I first read this e mail, I was genuinely interested. I have a college student who might be a perfect fit for this type of position, but as I clicked through the FAQ section, my jaw dropped.
The expectation that a college student can dedicate full time hours for *nothing* is over the top.
Obama was once a strapped for cash college student- tuition here is going up 20% due to budgetary hard times. That does not include the cost of books & housing. $6000 tuition will now be $7200, and that is for IN STATE/resident costs... out of state non resident is probably double that.

One of the FAQ's asks can I still hold a paying job while volunteering?

The answer was - As long as it does not disrupt your 40 hour a week commitment.

I know we are in tough financial times, but this is too much to ask of volunteers.