Saturday, August 1, 2009

boggles the mind

Ok folks~ It's late & I'm tired.  Just posting this link- a little reality check
If you can handle it. 



Dada said...

Staggering figures, one of my favorites: The US unfunded liabilities PER US CITIZEN is only $191,605 Now where in the hell am I gonna come up with a figure like that? Maybe I'll just delegate it to one of the Goldman-Sachs bonus thugs.

Seriously, I was told by my ophthalmologist to see him immediately if I started seeing little blinking lights. Might viewing this chart be hazardous to one's eyes?

Hopefully, these dancing numbers will improve due to an article in yesterday's business section: "At long last, the worst recession since World War II appears on the verge of ending."

Ah, pablum for the masses! Sorry, I sincerely believe that's pure BS, but then one person's reality (mine) is another's doom and gloom.

Fran said...

All those spinning numbers are a bit dizzying, but the mess they represent are even more worrisome.

Plus that medical debt number looks askew to me.

It sits right next to the credit card debt #.....
I have to wonder if people are putting medical expenses on credit cards & making the numbers look different.
Any Doctor's office or ER/Urgent care I've ever gone ot gladly accepts a credit card.

Perhaps people are not buying as much "consumer goods" as they would have us think?

Anyone in need of medical care would gladly whip out the plastic to get the care they need, even if they know they can't pay for it down the road.

I am appalled that check in for medical care revolves pretty exclusively around who will pay... sometimes they don't even ask what the medical issue is.

D.K. Raed said...

ooooo ... getting dizzy .... eyes bugging .... well at least the US population number was staying still .... wow, maybe that's cuz people are less inclined to add to the population if their newborn is presented with a $192K debt upon entering the world ... of course that's assuming the parents can even afford the medical costs of having a baby.

Fran said...

I was noticing the corporate tax is the lowest-- compared to income & payroll tax.

What is with the Estimated Medicare Fraud
$35 billion?

You'd think they would put some staffing there to get a grip on that!

Over a million foreclosures in 2009 & over 1/2 million bankruptcies.

Whew! must stop looking at the spinning number chart now.

D.K. Raed said...

Corporate Tax is only corp FEDERAL INCOME tax, which is levied on NET Income. The object of any corporation, should you choose to accept the mission, is to have ZERO net income!

Corp Fed Income Tax would NOT include, for instance, the employer portion of payroll taxes (the employer has to match whatever is deducted from an emp'ees paycheck) which adds an additional 7.65% to payroll costs.

I don't know if the "payroll taxes" shown in your link is only what was deducted from emp'ees income, or if it also includes the emp'er matching portion, but I didn't want to risk any more eye damage trying to ferret it out!

Fran said...

UNderstood-- but what a sign of the times to have a category titled "Financial Meltdown".

How will history interpret this era??????]

The Great Denial of a Depression???