Saturday, August 22, 2009

Remember Harry & Louise?

The Harry & Louise ads were introduced in 1994 when the Clinton admin tried rolling out 
a public health care concept.
Here's Harry & Louise now ~

Here's the new 2009 version

The Original ad & some follow up:


nonnie9999 said...

the original louise only made the ad in the first place, because she was in love with the producer. they married a few years later (if i'm remembering the story correctly). she feels guilty about making the ad now.

Fran said...

Louise screwed up for sure!
Still- I was young & blinded by love, so I thought I'd mess with health care for the masses???
I'm just saying the story sounds a little lame.
Plus what kind of guy was he to be making such a commercial?
Even if he did it only for the money, was there not some moral line in the sand that should not have been crossed?

That 2nd vis is *for real* , running in 2009.

I think it's too tame.

They should have a commercial saying
"Grandma is gonna die !"

Someone asks because of Obama's Public option health care plan??

Answer: No!!!!

Because the private insurance won't pay for her pre existing condition & she can't afford her $5000 deductible.

Something to that effect...

Serve it right back up to the nutcases claiming the death panel bullshit.

nonnie9999 said...

actually, they should say--no, grandma is gonna be fine, because she has medicare, but mom is gonna die, because the insurance company refuses to cover her surgery!

Fran said...

There you go!

Anonymous said...

Fran, LMAO! That first video is priceless. May I poach, er, borrow it for my blog?

Yeah, Harry and Louise have changed their tune this year because they've been handsomely compensated for it by Big Pharma, which stands to (yeah, you guessed it) benefit even more handsomely from those 50 mil new customers should the "reform," as it is, pass.

Fran said...

borrow away m'dear..... we need to get the word out every which way.