Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jumpin' Jimena- Hurricane season heating up

On the West Coast a monster storm is brewing- Hurricane Jimena has sustained winds of 140 mph-- a Category 4 Hurricane, that could jump to a Cat 5-- 156+ mph winds.
She is headed for Baja. Sounds like serious damage. The silver lining, may bring rains to fiery S. California & help put out the fires.

On the East coast, Tropical storm Danny is dancing along the U.S. coastline at 35 mph.
Hurricane Bill jaunted away, sparing us it's 135 mph Cat 4 wrath.


nonnie9999 said...

i hate hurricane season.

Fran said...

I bet you do nonnie, living on the right coast, you have probably had to do evacuation drills, and take important possessions more than once.

This one is on the left coast, so you don;t have to sweat it out

Still we've seen what a Cat 4- monster storm can do. I wish the military & NOAA would figure out a way to break up the storm out at sea.

Fran said...

I see she is moving @ 8 mph & has built up to 145 mph sustained winds as she heads towards Baja, expected to hit land Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

Some reporter said "bring your umbrella" can you believe it? To a cat 4 hurricane!

Fran said...

Anon~ That's pretty bad advise. She's powered up to 155 sustained winds, so right on the brink of being a Cat 5. We saw what a Cat 4 did in New Orleans. Holy smoke!
Looks like Cabo San Lucas is going to take a whallop.

I hope folks there are taking the evacuation warning seriously.